Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Richmond, This City

So it's just by chance that all three things from this post are of bands from Richmond, not to mention the last post had Swamp Thing, also from Richmond. You'd be a fool if you didn't recognize the bands that have been coming out of Richmond. First up I decided to pick up a few more copies of the Bracewar s/t, our the demo as it's also known. First up is the 7" with the Sound and Fury Stamp, hand numbered.

Nothing too special, the normal pressing on black just with the Sound and Fury Stamp on the inside of the sleeve.

I also got a copy of the original demo, which had two songs that made it's way on to the 7". I think I was happier to get this than the 7", as I feel that this is a bit more special and just cooler overall. It is better simply because it has the intro. Not sure how limited this, but I'm sure it can't be more than a couple hundred.

Last is the first Down to Nothing LP, Save it for the Birds on a color that is not incredibly easy to find, green. I've seen this go for a decent amount several times and it just seems that I always get outbid or miss out on my chance to get a copy. This thing is limited to 100 copies, the same as the record release.

So there are a few older Richmond releases that still are just as awesome as they were years ago.


marcus said...

I've seen the green DTN LP go for more than the record release version, which doesn't make sense to me.

I found that DTN LP in a distro box at a show about 3-4 years ago. It was the only green copy and cost me £5 (circa $8). I was stoked.

Wade said...

yea ive seen the record release for for less too.

Mike said...

For some reason when I saw the title for this post I was expecting to see some Avail records.