Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Guess What? Youth Crew

So I heard the Remission 7" put out by React and I knew I had to have more so I went over to the Amendment Records webstore and ordered a copy of their LP. This is from the second press on clear out of 237. This thing looks great. The LP isn't quite as good in my opinion as the 7" but it's still solid. Bummer I slept a bit on this band but so happy I still know about them. I also picked up the copy of the Chain of Strength tribute that I was missing. The green is out of 325.

So I heard that there was a second press of Not Sorry's first 7" and I had to pick it up. Pretty straight-forward. The clear is out of 400.

So I finally got my copy of Time & Pressure on black from the first press. After many mishaps and problems with orders I finally got it thanks to Aram and Alan at React's persistence.

So I can't remember where I got these, maybe eBay. This is two copies of Far From Breaking's Made My Choice put out by Third Party Records. The copy on blue is from the second press and out of 500. The yellow is from the third press out of 300. Seriously this is an underrated band. So solid.

So from an underrated band to a very recognized band, this is Floorpunch's infamous 7". I've wanted a copy of Division One Champs for a little while now. This is one of the most important records in hardcore. It's highly sought after. This as you would expect is probably the easiest version to get a hold of, this is the third press on black. It's out of 925. Funny story, I was just recently given a chance to make an offer on a copy on gold, which would be nice to have been able to do. However I can not afford to make that kind of an offer for one record only. One day hopefully I will be. When a record is so rare that there is a site dedicated to listing all of the owners of the copies of the record, you know it's worth picking up.

So I've been meaning to pick up a more uncommon Metallica record and this is what I got. This was a release put out by European label I believe, Music for Nations Records. There were some copies on color such as gold and red, this one is probably more common on black. I have no idea how many of these there are, but I'm guessing a lot. It's a cool item from old Metallica, it was released in 84 apparently.

So here are the second presses of Time & Pressure and the Praise 7". They are the same in pressing numbers. The black is out of 300 and the color is out of 200. The Mindset color was supposed to be mint, but obviously baby blue worked out instead. They changed the labels to be able to differentiate between the first and second press for the black copies. With this I also picked up a copy of the other Give 7" that was released about the same time as the React one. This one was put out by Deranged Records, and I'm not sure how many of there there are, maybe 500?

I picked up a rare version of Braindead's LP. This is the record release cover out of 100. This thing looks awesome, one of the best looking covers I've ever seen. It's screen printed and the design is simple but awesome. They even made a special insert for this. Even the back rules.