Monday, July 26, 2010

Does anyone comment anymore on this blog?

I wasn't so sure about this record when I preordered. This is the latest The Effort LP from Panic Records. After I heard the Demo Sessions 7" I was a little hesitant to buy any more The Effort releases. Demo Sessions wasn't bad it just wasn't as good as past releases, and with the member changes it could be a bad sign. Well this is a good LP and I'm glad I preorderd it.

This just delivers what you would hope from this band, pure and honest melodic hardcore with meaning. That's about it, I feel like this band just will be something special for me. A lot of people can't get in to it, but I think its really refreshing. Tony's lyrics are as usual a driving force of the band and I feel like the guy has a great niche, but doesn't repeat himself.

As for the look of the record, it's pretty good. Good cover, layout, vinyl color, etc. The one thing I don't get is the insert, it's too small. I like big full size inserts even if it doesn't fold out. Why have a small folding insert when u have more room to make a simple full size insert? Having a small folding insert just comes off like a CD insert, which is just stupid. The poster up top is nice. O yea and one song has a recording from a Sarah Palin speech.

This is the copy of the bonus 7" that came with SFU's Consider It Done pre-order, only this is with a cover for the last show that Dave never made it to. Glad I was able to get this without being there and not having to pay lots to get it.

Here is another press of the Iconoclasm LP from Seasick Records. Pretty simple re-press. I missed out on getting a black copy, idiot. Vinyl looks good tho. It's funny cuz the matrix has the Words of War etchings on it, interesting.

So I traded a very nice gentleman in Belgium my extra copy of Focus on the Light with the US tour cover for his extra copy of Rush of Hope with the record release cover. Great trade, a win-win. This has a Uniform Choice rip off cover, so I decided to put them side to side to compare.

I believe I won this on eBay from Zak at Words of War. This is the copy of the s/t The Carrier 7" with the Ken Stewart cover art prototype cover. Pretty cool and #'d out of 30. Zak also seriously hooked it up with a Built to Last and Masterpiece 7" and an On My Side and At Half-Mast LP. Seriously awesome dude, I hope he puts out some new stuff sometime.

I've been meaning to complete my Get the Most 7" collection. I picked up all three of these pretty easily and in one offer. I've got all of the versions of the 7"s as far as I know, just missing the tests and a few versions of the new LP. Still on the hunt...

So I wanted to order one of the last show shirts from the True Colors website and to make the postage worth it I also picked up a copy of Rush of Hope Powered press. Pretty basic on blue. Anyone know the pressing info?

Soon I'll be posting some stuff I don't have collections of, don't worry I'll give you something to be in to.

Monday, July 5, 2010

A Show and some Label Orders

I forgot to post about this with the copies of the True Colors demo. This is a tape release of Envision from Novia Scotia. I'm pretty sure it's the discography. It's a pretty cool looking tape, I Drink Milk puts out the best looking tapes that I've seen.

I picked up a few things from the SFU distro at this show.

This is the latest Harms Way 7". Pretty awesome artwork and the vinyl ain't bad either.

I picked up my first copy of this split, took me a while.

I've been meaning to get a copy of this after hearing these guys at ATWR. Pretty awesome band from Chicago I believe. Check em out if you haven't.

This is the SFU showcase version of the new Rival Mob 7". Pretty cool release and luckily I got a copy. This band is currently high on the hype meter.

Here we have the copy of the Floorpunch discography I was missing.

This is my Ceremony pre-order. Since there was a error in my order and I got it late, they decided to give me the rarest color, red. I had no idea my order was even late, so cool. The 7" is the 2nd press. This is a different record, but I still like it.

Here we have the 7" pre-release of the new Cruel Hand LP. I'm really starting to get tired of these 7" pre-releases, this might be my last one.

This is an order from Reaper. The latest Down to Nothing 7" 2nd press and 2nd press of the TUI LP.

I got my big React! pre-order.

Since the Damages 7" was delayed, Aram threw in some rarities for everyone who pre-ordered it. I got a transition of the Damages 7". I would have liked to have gotten a different rarity, as I'm not in to Damages much, but it's still a cool appreciation thing on Aram's part. Hopefully someone will want this and I can trade/sell it.

I was really impressed with the Get the Most LP. Everything came out really well. The insert is just awesome and the cover/vinyl are really clean and straight-forward.