Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snowed In

So since I can't really do anything this weekend with the snow, I decided to finally do this post, it's over-due and has a lot, so it should be worth your time. In other news I did get to go to the Trapped Under Ice Video Shoot last night in Baltimore before it got really bad. It took 3 hours to get home however, bummer.

The first record was giving to me as a Christmas gift from a friend. I'm pretty stoked about records as gifts.

This is the Explosions in the Sky Double LP, The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place. I've been meaning to pick up some Explosions vinyl but never got around to it, probably because it was just easy enough to get that I didn't think I ever had to get it at the time. Luckily someone took care of this for me. This is actually a pretty cool release, the dust sleeves both have artwork on them and actually makes the whole layout of the record pretty cool. I thought that just with the cover alone, it was pretty boring, but with the dust sleeves it works.

The second LP is one sided, with the B side etched. Another nice touch that really works with the whole layout of the album. I'm looking forward to seeing this band again someday.

Ok next I got a large package from Six Feet Under Records, in it were the Title Fight and True Colors pre-orders. First is Title Fight.

This was pressed with three colors and a limited deluxe version. The deluxe version is on transparent red with black swirl and has a special cover with an actual Polaroid, limited to 88 copies, nice touch. The grey marble vinyl is also limited to 97. Overall I was a little disappointed with the colors for this one. I think the original press just had better colors.

So the main reason I ordered was for the latest True Colors LP, finally released in the U.S. Like Title Fight, this had 3 colors and a special limited jacket package with Rush of Hope and Focus on the Light. I think the insert is awesome, what's better than a picture in D.C.?

So the copy of Focus on the Light that came with the special cover was on white and had very plain labels, I guess to just make is more limited and simple that way.

The last thing I got was my Outlast pre-order.

This was done really well. The white is the pre-order color, limited to 100. I think the colors were done very well. I do wish that the blue vinyl was more like a Carolina Blue like it is on the cover, oh well. Good job overall.