Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pre Orders Pre Orders Pre Orders

Here we have the Iron Age LP The Sleeping Eye. This was pressed by Full Tilt Records, I think out of the U.K. This black wax is out of 400.

Here we have the Constant Struggle LP from the 09 Youngblood Showcase. This one is numbered out of 150. I got both of these with my Sacred Love pre-order.

So I got my Mindset Live LP. I was happy to see I got all three copies Gold out of 100 and White and Black out of 200 each. This came out really well. Everything looks great. I liked this even more because I was there, and even better I'm on the back cover.

That's me in the middle with the white hat on, the fist in the air and a windbreaker on. It was such a great set, maybe the best from Mindset, though there are a lot of good ones.

This is my pre-order for the latest Carrier LP from Deathwish. Deathwish did a good job with the One Year Later LP, but when I saw this I was floored, the art, the layout and the vinyl colors are all great. I thought it was pretty ironic I got this around Valentine's Day and the colors are pretty close to that Hallmark holiday. The thing is is that the music is not as good as the last LP or any other prior material. It's not bad and it's defiantly not anything to be upset about, it's just not as good.

Here is another pre-order, the Mother of Mercy latest LP. The most rare is the Seafoam Green, the one in the middle was supposed to be a Blue, Gray and Black mix I think, but it came out really similar to the White and Black Mix. So They stamped the sleeves of the Blue/Gray/Black so that you can tell the difference. This record rips just like the last one, it's hard to pick which one is better, III probably would overall win.

So when I pre ordered the Mindset LP I also picked up another copy of the Youth Crew 09 comp from Upside Down. This is the most common on black out of 300.

I picked these up from a React board poster. This is from the second press on Blue out of 1,270.

I also picked this one up with The First Step record. This is the Inside Out and Youth of Today split. It's a bootleg and has mostly Inside Out live songs, but also has one Youth of Today studio outtakes.

This one I also picked up from Upside Down, it's the demos from what became What We Know. This actually was put out by Bottle Up, white is out of 250. Clean looking record.

Here is the latest Outlast record. This overall is pretty good. The recording and music is great. The layout and design is not my favorite, but it's not that bad.