Monday, October 31, 2011

All Over the Spectrum of Hardcore and Metal

So also part of my pick ups from Willem I got a copy of the Pulling Teeth and Shin to Shin split on purple. I'm not sure how many of these there are but I'm guessing it's a pretty limited version.

So I ordered a copy of the Cold World and Sean Price collaboration 12". They put out a song together called How the Gods Chill. The White Glove Group put this one out like a true DJ release. The A side has the Dirty, Radio and Instrumental version of the song. The side B has the same Dirty, Radio and Instrumental versions but this time it's the Remix of the song. They made this artwork very unique, they took a hint from one of the latest crazes right now, 3D. The cover is printed with the special 3D outlines and they included 3D glasses in the sleeve for your viewing pleasure. Though it's not really something I would ever do, it's defiantly a cool thing to do to make the release stand out. This one on red is out of 300. This was the pre-order version I believe.

So there was an exclusive record for Record Store Day this year at Celebrated Summer in Baltimore, MD. It's this lovely Pulling Teeth gem. Tony from Celebrated Summer put out this special release of the Funerary single before the recent Funerary LP came out. Tony had these special screen printer covers printed. I believe this is out of 50 copies. I'm pretty sure I got the last one at the store that day. I was super bummed to not be able to pick up the special Mindset cover for RSD at the store, but that and this were the main things I wanted.

I ordered this European press of the Remission LP from Amendment Records. This was put out by Assault Records, and this version is out of 363.

This release I would say is better than the Amendment records version. The cover is awesome and the insert is great. The Amendment version is awesome, but this one is just more my style.

It's kind of hard to tell that this is purple, but when you hold it up to light it's pretty obvious.

Here we have a record that I've loved for a long time and is probably one of the best metalcore records of the past decade. This is Every Time I Die's Hot Damn! I'm not really knowledgeable about this pressing. This was originally put out by Ferret Records, now I'm not sure who handled the vinyl when it first came out, and I'm guessing this press was not from when it came out. This was put out by Suburban Home Records and is out of 700. I can't believe this band is still going and still putting out some decent material that is still very reminiscent of this record form almost 10 years ago.

I believe these are more records I picked up at Celebrated Summer on Record Store Day. I picked up a few things, this is Youth of Today's Can't Close My Eyes. This was the first time Revelation put it out as a 12", it was originally released by Positive Force as a 7" and then as a 12" from Schism. This press was released in 97 I believe. The black vinyl is the most common from the press, and I have no idea how many there were pressed, maybe 1,000 or so? Oh yeah, Revelation just repressed this again but used the original artwork, which came out much nicer.

So here was one of the best parts of the Celebrated Summer haul, this is another copy of Zao's Where Blood in Fire Bring Rest. It was pressed on Broken Circles about a year or so ago, maybe two. I saw it was a color I didn't have so I wanted to get it instantly. When I got home, I realized that the black color was the most rare, out of 100. I got this for a steal and it was the most rare version.

I picked up this copy of Rotting Out's This is Just a Life a little while ago on eBay. I really don't know anything about this one. This was originally pressed by World Won't Listen Records, but this version doesn't say anything about the label. That would lead me to think that the band made these, or it's a bootleg. I was able to find out via Hows Your Edge, that this is out of 100. That's all I know.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

True Colors Gems

So I got a bunch of True Colors records a ways back from fellow blogger Willem. He was selling a bunch of stuff I couldn't pass up on. Plus he runs a pretty awesome blog.

So we begin with the basic black pressing of the Perspective 7". The two colors from the first pressing were black and white. They are both out of 300, so these are both common versions of the record, but still not easy to come by.

Here we have the Self-Titled 7" on white. Again this one had a pressing of white and black. The black is the most common out of 525 and the white is out of 315. The white is more rare, and this 7" in general is harder to find than Perspective. Now that we got the basic stuff out of the way let's move on to the limited stuff shall we?

Here we have the UK Tour/Record Release cover of the Self-Titled 7". This one is out of 110, odd number. Why not 100? This is a pretty awesome cover and still has some of the aspects of the regular sleeve. So I believe that means I have all of the versions of the self-titled 7" except the test.

Here we have the band's Get 'Em demo originally put out on tape. I have no idea how many of these there are. Can anyone help? I think this is the first batch of the tapes. I believe they were released by the band. This one has the white cover with the green insert. The second batch had a yellow cover with a white insert. This was also pressed on vinyl by I Drink Milk Records right before the band's last show not too long ago.

So I've saved the best for last. This is the Wide Awake rip off cover. These put together by Powered I believe as the last few copies of the 7" from the second press. The last press was on the white/red split color vinyl. I believe they made these covers on the last 30 copies of the record and put them up in their webstore for the first come, first served basis. So these sold out really fast from what I've heard. So I'm super happy to have this one.

They even paid tribute to the Schism Records logo on the back of the cover. This one is numbered 26 of 30. They used the artwork on the back on a lot of stuff for the band going forward, merch and what not. This also means I have all of the versions of this release except the test.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Updates more Often? Maybe?

I picked up the other version of New Found Glory's Don't Let Her Pull You Down. This one on clear is out of 666. I think I got it from eBay.

So Reaper Records put out a special compilation for United Blood this year. This is it. I believe all of these songs were already released, but it's still a pretty cool compilation. The compilation has Terror, Naysayer, Down to Nothing, Death Threat, Take Offense & Maximum Penalty. It has a cool booklet in the cover as well. This guy was out of 250, and though made and sold for the fest, it was put up in the Reaper webstore not too long after the fest.

So I picked up a copy of the Hatebreed/Neglect split. I don't know how many there were of these. It was put out by Jasta's own label, Stillborn.

So I picked up another copy of the Frostbite 7" put out by Dead by 23. This one I believe is the pre order silkscreen cover out of 159. This record is a pretty cool one to collect I have to say. As much as Robby Redcheeks gets criticized for putting out so many versions of records, he did a great job of it.

So I ordered a copy of the Remission Winds of Promise from the band. The reason for going to the band? They've got the band color of course, clear. This one is out of 100. They also had a tape that the band put out themselves. This tape has the songs from the Winds of Promise 7" and the Police & Thieves split 7". I'm not sure how many of these there are.

So my fellow blogger Mike noticed that I was unable to get a copy of the Youth of Today Disengage 7" from Record Store Day, so he sent me an e-mail that he had picked up an extra copy and the guy he was gonna give it to fell through, so he sent it to me. Great situation. I was stoked to be able to get this as easy as I did, after not being able to initially get it. Thanks Mike.

So I picked this one up from Tre of Deathwish on eBay. This is the Final Show/Posi Numbers version of Time Flies s/t 7". The special cover was made for the two shows and is out of 200.

So I think I picked this up from Andy Norton, but not totally sure. This is the record release version of Mindset's Real Power. This probably my favorite version of this record, the cover, vinyl cover, stamp, layout are all awesome.

It's numbered on the back out of 78.

So I picked up a copy on black of the original pressing of Iron Boot's 2004 Demo. This one was put out by the now defunct Brain Grenade Records. This is out of 500. I have no idea where I got this one, maybe from eBay.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Back to the Mailbox

Now that I finished what I got from the fest, it's time to get back to the normal mail stuff.

Here we have the second press of the reissue of Converge's Jane Doe from Deathwish. So I guess this would be the third press technically. This is another installment in what seems to be Deathwish's attempt to put out more presses on black of past releases. I have no idea what the numbers on this one is.

So I picked this up with one of my A389 orders I think. This is what I think is the second press of Backtrack's demo. I believe this is the mixed vinyl, but I'm not sure. More likely, it's probably a larger third press.

So I traded my extra copy of Stick Together's No More Games on white for a copy on orange. I received two copies on white with my pre order. At first I thought I got screwed out of the most rare color, but really the white is the most rare. Once I put up that I had two copies on white, I got an offer to trade for a copy on orange pretty quick. I knew at that point I could probably get a better deal for it, but I didn't feel like going through the hassle of finding a better trade or selling it. So I took the trade and here is the copy on orange.

So I don't remember where I got this from, maybe eBay? This is the self-released U.S. version on black out of 400 copies. I don't think this band is still active anymore.

I ordered this from A389. This is a live compilation from the A389 2010 Anniversary Show. These were originally sold at the 2011 show, but there were some left over. There are still some left in the A389 store. These 10"s are limited to 200.

I also picked up the second press of the recent Pulling Teeth LP, Funerary. I have no idea what these are limited to, but I'm guessing at least 1,000. This is a much more basic press, not as impressive as the first press gatefold and what not.

So I decided at some point that I wanted to get every copy of the first press of Mother of Mercy's III. So for pretty cheap I was able to pick up all four vinyls. This is a great record, I've got seven of them.

I won two React! rarities on eBay from Aram himself. Both were pretty reasonable too. Up top is the transition copy of Common Causes self titled. This one is pretty rare, only 28 stamped on the dust sleeve. Below that is in my opinion the better but just as awesome record, Praise's Growing.Changing.Healing transition. This one is also stamped on the dust sleeve in typical React! fashion and is out of 55. Two great scores.

I pre-ordered the Turnstile 7" from Reaper. Turnstile is a side project of Trapped Under Ice's drummer, on vocals. It's pretty similar in style to TUI but also cool in it's own right. Overall this is a pretty cool 7". Clear is Pre Order version out of 217 and the blue is out of 830.

So it was announced that there was going to be a repressing of Bad Brains' Pay to Cum for Record Store Day this year. I put that on my mental list to pick up. Before Record Store Day even happened it was posted that the Bad Brains would be selling them on their webstore, so I immediately took advantage of being able to be at Record Store Day from behind a computer, less lines and higher chance of getting what I want. I got all four versions of the re-release. Green and red are out of 250 and gold is out of 500. I have no idea what the black is out of, maybe 1,000?

I'd like to end this post with one of the most beautiful pictures on this blog. This was put on my mail slot of my apartment a while ago, we don't live here anymore, but this is a testament to how many packages I got. The mail guy had to give me my own scan point, so when people send me stuff with delivery confirmation I would be able to see that it was scanned at my front door and then left at the post office for me to pick up at my leisure. Talk about making it in the world, it's like your place or residence gets so much mail it needs it's own tracked location. I have no words.