Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Almost Been a Month...

and there's plenty of things for me to post about. I'm not even sure I can fit them in to one post so I'll try to put as much in this one for now and try and catch up hopefully in a week or so.

I won two Pulling Teeth records on eBay from the same dude. Both I got for a pretty good deal, and were crucial additions to the collection. Up top is a copy of Martyr Immortal on red with blue splatter, out of 350 copies. As you would expect, this thing looks sick, and this was my first copy of the record that came with the big poster, will be hanging up in the room. On the bottom is a copy of Paranoid Delusions/Paradise Illusions on green with a whole lot of splatter. This is the other copy of the pre-order that I didn't take advantage of. Happy I finally have this. This now means I have every version of PD/PI other than the test, which is cool. I've got the copy of Martyr Immortal that I'm missing on the way, once I get that and have a reason to take out all the records, I'll take an updated collection pic.

This is my Cruel Hand Lock & Key pre-order. In order to get the white version I believe u had to get the "package" which had a shirt, poster and screen print. Wasn't too happy that I had to do it, but it wasn't much more for what you got, if I remember correctly. I'm guessing this means the white version is the most rare? The artwork and layout are pretty good, overall not bad. As you can see I framed the screened print, which I will be hanging up soon. I don't understand why they had a screen print and a poster of the same artwork in the same package, seems redundant. As far as the record goes, Prying Eyes is defiantly better, this is still a Cruel Hand, but not as good as I would like it. I think these guys are gonna be going on tour with Backtrack soon, so that will rule.

This is the new split from Pulling Teeth and Shin to Shin. Shin to Shin has Dwid from Integrity in it, go figure Pulling Teeth puts out a split with them. Haven't listened to the Shin to Shin side, but the Pulling Teeth song is good, I'd say it's a mix of the past two LPs. As Dom usually does, cool layout design and vinyl. The man puts out some amazing looking stuff. I believe the yellow version is from the record release show that I attended in Baltimore with Ceremony and Magrudergrind. Ceremony and Pulling Teeth were awesome as you would think, and Magrudergrind, well let's just say I really need to buy their latest LP.

Here we have another addition to the now infamous DTN collection. This is a copy of the On Thin Ice split with the 05 Euro tour cover.

Cool cover and defiantly worth picking up if you get the opportunity, which by the way for me has been hard to come by.

Of course numbered out of 100.

Here we have an order I made from GIVE. This is the second press of their self-title LP and a copy of the soon to be released 7" on React!. The 7" was left over from Sound and Fury, where the band made some quick covers for the record, since the real ones had not been finished. Overall a pretty cool DIY looking record. Two pink records, awesome. To make it even cooler, the singer John added a cool note in with the package to make it much more personal. I'm starting to get more of these in packages, which makes opening them that much better.

Here's a look at the back of the LP on the back, this thing just plainly looks awesome. I believe Ev of Mindset did the layout for this bad boy, man does great work.

So that's all for now, because I'm just too lazy to post the rest. Should have another post up soon hopefully, I'm falling behind, but I'm okay with that.