Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nothing Special

I've got so many things either on their way or pre-ordered that I'm starting to lose track of things I paid for. Now I see why people include a section of "In the mail" on their collection lists. I might have to start doing this. I got a pre-order sooner than I thought. I got a package from Panic Records with four copies of the new Effort 7". I had previously posted about this release, as a tape that they had on tour. This is the official release i guess you could say of the demos for the new LP.

I ordered these as soon as they went up about a month ago so this has to be one of the quicker pre-orders I've placed. I have to say that these 7"s look boring. The artwork is cool and I actually like it by itself but paired with the vinyl cover, it's not interesting at all. Maybe if the cover had colors it would work out but it doesn't. As far as the music goes, I'm also a little disappointed. Compared to the first 7", the LP and From Our Mistakes, this is just not as good. The tracks have some cool parts but there is a definite difference in the material. Maybe it has to do with the like three new members? Either way its not as good. I picked up a few things from someone on eBay. First up is the Braindead LP.

This was a pretty good Philly band that never really got too recognized. This version is from their Spring tour last year, with a numbered cover. The LP is pretty good, well recorded and the layout is also very cool. I got this for pretty cheap, so nice score.

The main thing I wanted to pick up was this copy of Adult Crash, because DTN is on it. It's also a pretty cool zine, though apparently this person didn't want me to have it.

The last thing I picked up was another copy of the Trapped Under Ice LP, this being the Reaper Pre-Order color. I got all three of these for pretty cheap, which makes me happy about this package.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Keep the Collections Going

I finally got something I was really looking forward to. Rich from Speedowax Records posted on the React! board that he was going to sell the Splitting Headache double 7" directly from himself, so that people like myself no longer needed to spend ridiculous prices for copies of the release. So I jumped on the opportunity to pick up two more copies that I didn't have that Rich was offering. When I sent him a private message on the board about getting them from him once I had some more money in the bank account, rich immediately wanted to help me continue my DTN collection and offered to give me every version that he could get that I didn't have. Of course I agreed and sent him the payment as soon as I could. After a little delay and getting all of the versions together to be sent, I finally got the package. What's better than getting 6 Down to Nothing records that you don't have in one package? Not much.

There are several versions of this release pretty much all identified by the stamps on the sleeves and labels. Pictured is the DTN rules stamp, stamp, KruptKids stamp, Pre-order stamp, Mail Order stamp and the 2008 UK tour sleeve. The first four mentioned are all numbered and limited to 125 copies. The mail order is out of 25 and the tour press is out of 100. I've seen an earlier UK tour version, anyone know if this is the same thing? Or if there is anything people think I might be missing other than the obvious test then please let me know.

Next up I got another version of the Perspective 7". This is the Powered Pre-Order version. Seems that I'm getting a lot of Powered vinyl these days, especially with the Pre-Order stamp. Nothing too special about this, just happy to cross it off the list.

I got another Carrier 7" to add to the collection, this is the No Love Can Save me on Purple/Green split color, 300 copies. Pretty straight-forward, just haven't been able to get a copy of this til now.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bringing in Spring

It's such a nice day out that I decided to stay in and get around to updating my blog. The first is an eBay win, On Double Vision on Blue. I was happy to pick up the rarest color finally, with only 150 copies it's not something I can just pick up at my local record store.

So I was up in Pennsylvania visiting the lady and she had mentioned there was a store that would interest me in her town, Pass & Stow. So we finally got the chance to go there last weekend and I saw this and knew it was about time i picked it up.

Even if it's the like 5th pressing or something, still something I needed a copy of. Not much needs to be said about this, just something important to have in the collection. Paolo from the React board was selling a copy of the Get the Most tour 7" combo, so I gladly took it off his hands.

This has both Moment in Time and Common Goals together with a cover made for their 2009 Fall Tour, which i don't think even came to the east coast, so I couldn't pick it up in person. The back of the cover is numbered to make nerds just nerd out more.

I picked a few things up from another gentlemen on the react board that seems to be a big verse fan, Matthew Jordan, good dude. All of them are records from overseas, so it was nice to be able to get them finally. First is True Colors Perspective record release cover.

Once again numbered for the nerds, also has this really cool comic on the back but I have no idea what it says. Anyone out there know?

Another True Colors record, Rush of Hope with the Powered Pre-Order Stamp. Happy to have a copy of this.

Also from Powered and also already mentioned in this post, I got Double Vision with the Powered stamp.

Nice to have some pre-orders that I didn't participate in and a copy from a release show that I couldn't attend. The internet is a wonderful thing. Maybe when I have $150 to waste I place an order with Powered finally.