Saturday, June 23, 2012

4 Months, 4 Months Have Passed

So it's been four months since I've posted on this blog, I apologize for my lack of attention to this blog. Since you've last heard from me I've been working about 60 hours a week to save for a wedding, moved in to a house, got a puppy and plenty of other things, so things have been busy. Let's hope I can post on a more regular basis. I apologize for my abandonment of the internet.

 I'm not totally positive where I got this one from but I'm thinking eBay, the usual suspect. This is a copy of Far From Breaking's The Identity. This one was put out by the great Youngblood Records and is on black. The black vinyl is from the first press out of 450. Check out this band if you haven't yet.

So I think I picked this up from another D.C. guy but I'm not totally sure. This band has been blowing up the past few years. At first I was mildly in to it, but the more I listen to it I dig it even more. This is the Winter Tour version of Stick Together's No More Games.

These are numbered out of 200, seems like a lot for a tour cover. Either way these were fetching a decent price when I picked it up. Mine is #15, a pretty good number.

So I picked up a rare copy of the recent Jane Doe repress. This one is clearly on gold, but there is a slight white swirl in this one. The numbers come in at 550 for this one. According to Deathwish's website this is the exclusive band color, so I guess they sold this on tour? Either way I didn't get it from the band.

So I pre-ordered the latest Rotting Out LP I think on two colors but I got two of the same color. I got both on Red. Which I believe was the rarer of the two colors that you could get. The red is out of 300, while black is out of 600. The record is ok, still doesn't measure up to World Won't Listen.

So I pre-ordered the Striving Higher compilation that Six Feet Under put out a while ago. This thing came out great, very similar to Triple B's America's Hardcore Comp. The layout, insert and vinyl all look great. 273 on red, 417 on yellow splatter and 815 on black. Each one of these came with a Blacklisted flexi. Not sure how many there are of them but I'm assuming a lot.

So I also picked up a copy of 50 Lions Time is the Enemy with my Six Feet Under order. This red/orange version was out of 80. This is a great record. I believe it's their earlier record that Six Feet Under put out as a reissue on vinyl.

I think I also picked this up from Six Feet Under. This is the black version of the latest Cold World release, it is the collaboration 12" for the song "How the Gods Chill" featuring Sean Price. Black is the most common out of 700. This is an ok release for Cold World, defiantly not the favorite. The complete rap/rock package doesn't always work in my opinion. Samples, scratching, interludes and the lot mixed with hardcore however does, so I'll still keep paying attention. Ok that's all for now, I'm sure most of thought I had stopped this blog, you were wrong. I still have TONS of stuff to post. I have really been cutting back on my vinyl intake so I should be able to catch up to the few year backlog I've amassed.