Saturday, April 13, 2013


I can't remember how I got this one. It may have been from Hellfish, either way it's Swamp Thing's Self-titled 7" on black. There's 300 of these and overall this is a pretty solid 7" from the band, the artwork and layout are good as well. 6131 did a good job with these.

 So this one I also have no idea how I got, maybe from a label? Six Feet Under? Anyway it's War Hungry's Return to Earth from 1917 Records, which is no longer an active label. There are a bunch of different colors and versions of this release, but the black is the most common out of 560. I believe this was the most recent release before they just release their LP, which was a pretty good release as well.
 I'm pretty positive that this is a mispress of Down to Nothing's Splitting Headache from Speedowax Records. I got this one from Rich from the label. This one is supposedly pretty rare out of only three. I don't know too much else about this one, like why it is a mispress or anything like that.
 So this is the repress of the Cold World and War Hungry split from Six Feet Under Records. This came out great. It was a good idea to keep the layout and design completely the same just change the pictures and make everything color. Black is out of 456 and white is out of 526.
I believe I got these from 6131. Starting on left is two copies of Bad Seed's Self Titled. Purple is out of 400 and yellow is out of 100 copies. Both are from the third press. On the right is a copy of the Bad Seed and War Hungry split on black out of 300.
I believe I also got these from Hellfish. This is two copies of Backtrack's Deal with the Devil. The copy on red is out of 200 and the copy on white is out of 400 I believe. If anyone could confirm this for me that would be cool. Both are from the second press.
This was the last version of Fired Up's When the Lights Go Out that I was missing. This is from the first press on clear out of 200. I think the only thing I'm missing is transitions and a test, but I'm not sure when I'd get around to getting copies of them.
This is my pre-order from Alert's Find Your Way. This was put out by Six Feet Under Records. It came out looking pretty good and it's a good 7" too. Bummer this band just recently called it quits, but it happens. Cool dudes as well. Purple is out of 105, 317 on Dark Clear Purple and 625 on Black.
So this was a pre-order package from React! First up we have three colors of Rearranged's Self-Titled. I believe this band is from Europe or maybe Russia? Not completely sure, its a great release either way. 200 on white, 300 on blue and 500 on black. On the bottom left is the second press of Give's Heaven is Waiting. This band is pretty cool and defiantly playing their own style in current hardcore. Black is out of 300 and white is out of 200. On the bottom right is the limited second press of Noose's It's Your Time on grey. For a second press this one is very rare, only 150 copies.