Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's Been Awhile

So I went to this show almost two weeks ago. It was a good time and I picked up a record that I had planned on getting.

This is Backtrack's Deal with the Devil. Backtrack play a style of NYHC that I can get in to. Less hard and more roots hardcore. This band pulls off the aggressiveness of NYHC but still sounds like a band from the 80s.

With True Colors calling it quits there were tons of releases put out around the last show. This is the Consider it Done 7" put out in Europe by Control Records. The white is the mailorder version, and limited to 100. After all of the auctions that just happened on eBay to raise funds, I think Control will be having some cool things coming out.

I picked this up from Mike Riley at a Mindset/Praise/Rations show about a month ago. It's a copy of the Adult Crash with a stamp for A389's 5 year anniversary. Not really sure what the pressing is on this but I know when I was at Celebrated Summer in Towson, Tony was trying to get me to buy this.

So I got my pre-order in for Six Feet Under's release of the Consider It Done 7". I got all 4 colors and of course the bonus 7". The gatefold cover came out really well and this release is just awesome. The layout, insert/poster, vinyl colors the all are great.

I seem to have been getting my hands on a bunch of the copies of Double Vision from Powered. It's ironic because I didn't pre-order this record because at the time I couldn't afford this and the React! ones. It seems to have worked in my favor. This is the most common version that I picked up from the band.

Here we have just a great idea, Iron Man and AC/DC together on a double LP. This just seems like a perfect idea, and it came out really cool. Usually the bigger labels put out crap vinyl but this came out real well, heavy vinyl and awesome layout.

Here we have another True Colors 7". This is I Drink Milk's reissue of the original demo, but this time on vinyl instead of tape. This also came out really well, also a label on the rise.

This is the Floorpunch Discography. This came out kinda wierd. The vinyl colors just don't make sense really. The gatefold sleeve is awesome and the tri-fold insert is pretty good. It's got tons of writing from some people around for a while but it feels kinda long. It felt like reading a book instead of an album insert. I also got two copies on gold instead of all three colors. I'm driving up to Philly for the SFU showcase this Saturday, and I think Floorpunch is playing this entire release, should be nutz.

I picked up a few more records from Dave Brown, a very awesome dude. First is a copy of Adult Crash limited to four copies. This is the transition from the black to the light blue. Pretty awesome pick up I have to say.

Here is the record release version of Bracewar's s/t 7". Pretty awesome record and it came with a tarot card, cool touch.

This is the United Blood version of Adult Crash. Pretty straight forward. Now all I'm missing of this record is the other transition.