Sunday, September 18, 2011

This Is Hardcore, Part 2

Here we have the fest edition of Disengage's 7". Back to Back put together some special screen-printed sleeves for the fest. There are 100 of these, and they are not numbered, but stamped on the back.

Hoodrack, the frontman of Stick Together and War Hungry was selling some of his personal collection. I recently got in to Rhythm to the Madness before I went to the fest and Hoodrack had several of their releases, so I picked up all of them. Here we have the LP the 7" and a promo tape. I can't find any pressing information on the tape. Anyone know?

So Bridge 9 was there and they had copies of the new Carry On reissure, which I knew was coming in the near future. So I was happy to snag a copy of it on white, this was the only color they had. I couldn't be happier about having a copy of this one without having to spend $40 or more for a copy from the first press. I also pre-ordered the other color, so I'll be looking in the mail for that one.

So I picked up some records from the other label staple at the fest, Deathwish. They screen printed some special covers of some of their big releases specifically for the fest. I picked up a copy of Blacklisted and Cold World's first LPs. They also pressed copies of the We're Unstoppable release, which I believe was originally released as a CD. The grey color was the label color, clear was Blacklisted's color. I'll have to get that one. Anyone know the pressing on any of these?

I picked up a pair of Mindsweats. I've wanted to have these after rave reviews online. This is the third incarnation of the sweats, and I have to say I lucked out because these match perfectly with my Mindset hoodie.

For Sound and Fury and This is Hardcore, Reaper Records and Tee Till Death did a collaboration shirt. This thing came out great. Since it's a classic Uniform Choice boot, it's too hard to pass up on. Take a look at the original here.

So Face Reality had A Straight Ahead rip for the fest, which was pretty popular. How can you go wrong?

So I couldn't resist this shirt. Back to Back did a Simpsons shirt, I don't think specifically for the fest though. This thing is just awesome. I usually never buy label shirts, but these two were hard to pass up on.