Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Holidays Post

 So a ways back A389 announced that it had put up the Japanese pressing of the last Pulling Teeth LP put out by WDSounds, who I know nothing about. The pressing is pretty much the exact same as the A389 version except this this piece of paper on the cover. I have no idea how many of these there are? It also came with the Flexi of the band's original demo. This one is on black out of 100. I'm still not in to the Flexis, but I like this demo.
 So I saw online somewhere that Beware had put up some copies of their demo tape a ways back. This is numbered #30 out of 100. I have to say when this demo tape was floating around on the internet I wasn't completely in to it, it wasn't bad but I had mild interest. Now that their 7" has come out and they've blown up, I mean the second press is already sold out of the 7", I'm really happy I did pick this up. That 7" is awesome by the way. It will definitely be one of the best of the year.
 I'm not sure where I got this from, maybe another label in their distro? This is a pretty good 7" and I believe this band just broke up. They were a big deal at Sound and Fury last year if I remember correctly. This one on red is out of 300.
 I was happy to finally get a copy of this from Control Records. This is the vinyl pressing of Bad Seed's second demo. This band ruled and so did the demo. Black is out of 400.
 I know I got this one from A389, so I'm assuming that I got the others above from the same place. These were some old copies that happened to be found by Dom I think. This was a great band and this version on gold is pretty rare, but I'm not sure what the exact numbers are.
Here is my pre-order from the Praise Two Songs 7". This came out really clean. I like the layout and artwork. I wish that the grey vinyl color was tan however. I think a tan or clear would have gone well. White is out of 200, grey is out of 300 and black is out of 400. These are two great songs too.
From React! I also picked up a copy of Police & Thieves Amor Y Guerra LP put out by Salad Days Records.
This is another copy of Splitting Headache that I picked up from Rich of Speedowax Records. Rich messaged me a ways back saying he had printed up some limited orange covers that he was looking to give to some people, so naturally I said I was interested.
As you can see these are numbered out of 10 and has my name on it. Pretty cool.
So I pre-ordered the Ceremony Covers release and I also picked up a few other things. Up top is the fourth press on grey of the Project X 7" and the third press on grey of Ceremony's Scared People. On the bottom is Ceremony's Still Nothing Moves You, fourth press on yellow, Pianos Become the Teeth's Old Pride fourth press on gold/maroon and Strike Anywhere's Iron Front second press on green.
The Ceremony Covers release came out great, they are one sided etched 12"s.