Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowed In Again

So there's over a foot of snow outside and with that, it means I have tons of time around the house to get stuff done. So an update only made sense.

I picked up another copy of the Perspective 7" on eBay. Pretty straight-forward, white vinyl limited to 300. It looks much more like a light grey, but white works too.

So I got a chance to see these guys at A Time We'll Remember and they grabbed my attention, but it took an actual listen of their 7" to purchase it. This 7" is fantastic, one of the best releases of 09. I still need to pick up the red version, soon hopefully. They sent me a note that they'd be releasing a new 7" in 2010. Should be good. Check these guys out.

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Mike said...

I'm really impressed with Face Reality. I need to pick up the blue and black pressings at some point.