Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So I've just been getting stuff off of eBay recently, lots of rare stuff and some just great deals too.

First up we have a copy of Stay Cold on white. Limited to 1,000.

This is a copy of Strife's Grey on white out of 1,017. I've been meaning to get Strife vinyl.

This is a copy of the Listen to Your Friends single put out as a promotion for the latest LP. On clear limited to 500.

This is a copy of the Listen to Your Friends single put out on Epitaph, 1,334 of these.

This came with the other two NFG records, Not Without a Fight on Orange, Epitaph press, 700 Copies.

This I thought was a copy of the same thing put as a 10" from Revelation, instead it's Epic's single release. Still cool.

This is the rarest copy of the Cold World - Dedicated LP on clear out of 330.

I picked this up at the D.C. Record Fair this past weekend. It's a DJ single of Vanilla Ice's Ice Ice Baby and Play that Funky Music. Yeah, and I got it for 50 cents.

This is a copy of the Not Sorry Moving On 7" from Salad Day Records, the European press. I got this from the band's bigcartel store. Wish I could have the other versions of this press.

This was a great eBay score for the price. It's a copy of the s/t Down to Nothing 7" on red transition, numbered out of 30. Here is a comparison of the transition on the left and the regular version on the right.

Not a big difference but check out this photo as a reference for the different kinds of transitions.

Next we have my winnings from the Six Feet Under Records eBay extravaganza a few weeks ago. Originally I think I only won three of these but to my surprise the next day I had several second chance offers which was awesome. All in all I definitely spent too much, but it was defiantly worth it too.

First is a copy of the Adult Crash Compilation/Book on White, out of 150.

I also picked up the Test Press, out of 35, which is a lot of copies for a test.

This is a copy of the last press of the Cold World/War Hungry Press on grey.

Numbered out of 105. I had a chance to get this at This Is Hardcore, but like an idiot I passed up on it and had to pay more for it in the end.

This is a copy of the split with the War Hungry European Tour sleeve.

Numbered on the back. I now have every version of this split other than the test, and seeing as how much it went for in these auctions, I don't think I'll be getting it anytime soon.

Here is a copy of TC Focus on the Light on Tri-Color. I've now got every version of this one too except for the test. I think it's more likely I'll get the test for this however. This band is definitely going to be like Biggie in 2Pac, meaning that now that they're dead they'll get more recognition. Looking at pictures and video from the last show this past weekend makes me wish I had seen them more. Here's a picture from the last show.

It doesn't get much better than that.

This was the biggest thing I wanted and it originally went for more than I wanted to pay, so good thing for second chances. This is the test press for the Hem Hem 7". I probably spent way too much on this since it's a joke release and not anything memorable, but hey this might be the only time I could've ever gotten it. Oh wait that's right I could've gotten this at This Is Hardcore too, but at that point in my record collecting I had no idea what a good offer would be. I'm kinda bummed about the cover, same thing as the regular version.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Some Serious Scores

So the past week or so I've picked up a decent amount of records, but some pretty awesome stuff has made it that much better. First I'll start with what has been a bit of a long time coming.

So a guy on the React! board posted his On Thin Ice collection and mentioned that he'd be willing to part with his Down to Nothing split Test Press from Dead & Gone Records. So I sent him a private message and a price was agreed and shortly payment was sent. Within a few days the dude shipped the record from Austria, and the waiting game started. I thought it might take about 2 or 3 weeks to get to me. It took about 2.5 months to finally get to my doorstep. Several messages were sent about it not yet getting to my house and he kept reassuring that he sent it and offered to send me the scanned receipt. So I knew the guy had to have sent it, and he had good feedback on the React! board. So I just figured I'd wait a little longer, after 2 months my patience begins to thin. So when this finally got to me I was more than relieved. It's limited to 8 copies. Here's a picture of the back:

The first reason why this post is awesome is because there are two tests, Graham over in the U.K. who I've dealt with on past DTN deals sent me this one.

This is the Test Press of the Splitting Headache release. It is limited to 2 copies, so pretty awesome that I have one. Here's a close up of the labels.

Inside the sleeve Rich wrote this message.

Basically explaining how the color of the vinyl came back from the plant and that there apparently is another version out there numbered out of 3...damnit. Anyway Rich seemed like he just wanted this to stay off eBay, no worries Rich. Also this came with plastic inner sleeves but I don't like those and put the two 7"s in paper sleeves, don't worry I kept the original plastic sleeves too.

In yet another addition to the DTN collection I picked up a copy of the 3 song demo, this one is the record release, numbered out of 30.

I picked up my first copy of the 6 song demo from the same guy. Dave sent me an e-mail after he heard from Alex of Grave Mistake Records that I'd probably be interested in some of his records that he was looking to get rid of. Thanks Dave and Alex. This is the clear copy out of 34. Pretty cool looking record. The color of the vinyl doesn't seem like a straight forward clear, it almost looks like a really light colored coke bottle clear.

Here we have the last DTN release. This is the demo tape from 2002 that I also picked up from Graham. Nice to finally have this, I think there are other tapes out there from DTN but I don't know much about them. I think there's a hand drawn cover maybe from a different year and I think a colored cover version of this. If anyone's got details let me know.

ON just recently set up a bigcartel store, so I stopped over and picked up a copy of the LP from Powered. This is on white and limited to 200. Nice to be able to pick this up especially after all of the problems with the pre-orders with this from Powered. Luckily I didn't partake in the pre-order.

Here we have a great pick up. The React! Records Showcase box set. Aram posted these in the store one night and I believe the 20 copies left from the showcase sold out in like 2 minutes. I was happy to be able to jump on the opportunity as I sat at my computer and hit refresh every second.

These are numbered on the back out of 94 and have a 3-side screen print on the box.

As usually Aram loaded this up with quality. You've got a copy of both Mindset releases, GBNF, Praise and Damages all on black and all stamped on the dust sleeve. Each release comes with what it usually would, the download code, sticker and the full page essays. You put all of those essays together and the list of names in hardcore who have contributed are pretty impressive. Also included was a booklet with all of the lyrics from the records and some special notes from Aram. Very cool addition. Overall an incredibly awesome thing to have.

In another React! release, I got a copy of the Praise 7" pressed for the Showcase also, out of 100. Andy put some of these up in Praise's new bigcartel store. Very nice.

I got my first The First Step record, oddly redundant. This is from the second press out of 885. Nothing special but a good start I think. More to come I'm sure.

Here we have another copy of the Swamp Thing 7". This is on gold, so I can now differentiate between the tan and gold copy. Limited to 112.

So my buddy Bobby Egger had a show about a week ago for one of his label's bands, ANS. He had his distro out in full force to help raise money for a few releases he has in the works, including his first LP. So I knew I needed to at least pick something up from him. I picked up a copy of the Iron Boots demo from Grave Mistake, 3rd press out of 500; Iron Age Constant Struggle 3rd press on clear out of 300 and Pulling Teeth Paranoid Delusions/Paradise Illusions on Coke Bottle Clear with regular cover out of 900. Nothing too special, but all solid pick ups from a solid distro. Keep an eye out on Headcount Records.