Monday, August 17, 2009


Had an awesome time once again in the city of brotherly love. Some highlights included Floorpunch, Pulling Teeth and The Carrier. Also seeing how much bigger TUI and Cold World are than last year was kinda scary. The fest sold out this year and so many more kids were there. Rad. I'm a little bummed I missed Friday and the beginning of Saturday, but it was still worth it. Ok so I didn't spend as much as last year, and I showed some restraint actually. That being said I still picked up plenty of stuff. Here they are one by one.

First is the old True Colors LP I finally decided to pick up from Six Feet Under Records. This is the most common version, out of 355 copies. Solid band. I hope that Dave from SFU puts out the new LP. These guys need a permanent U.S. label. Currency exchange rates and shipping to the U.S. just make ordering from Powered so difficult. Read Mike's post about the newer LP here.

Ok, so I don't think I need to explain this one. Probably gonna be the biggest album in hardcore this year on Gold/Peach/Beer type color out of 200. Supposedly this was pressed for Sound & Fury and they just had copies left over.

This is one I was really happy to find at the Deathwish table. This is the blue multi-splatter limited to like 150 or something like that. This is just an amazing looking vinyl, once I saw it I knew I needed to have it. Check out my other post on the record release version of this vinyl here.

This is a special version of the new Mother of Mercy record made specifically for TIH I believe. Limited to like 60 or something. Very cool screen-printed cover, though it is rather flimsy.

This is the The Carrier 7" release on Deathwish with a special cover for TIH. Mine's number 32/51. One of the highlights for me this weekend was being able to see this band. I highly recommend checking them out.

This is a recent release from SFU, a Japanese band called As We Let Go. Awesome hardcore along the lines of Guns Up! This is the orange limited to 209 copies.

Here's another recent SFU release. The new Foundation 7". This Atlanta straight-edge band is starting to get a lot of attention. This is a great release. This version is limited to 308 copies.

This is the Go It Alone/Blue Monday Split released on Rivalry. 2nd press, 1525 copies. Just wanted to have this. Nothing special.

This is The Effort 7" released on Hellfish. Not sure what the pressing info is on this one. Posted about in the past here.

This is the Forfeit 7" released by Reaper. I've been meaning to pick this up, it's been out for over a year now. I actually think they were out of them at last year's TIH, only had the CDs. CDs are rubbish. Anyway, great band you should already know about.

Here's another Reaper release, Naysayer 7" with a limited TIH cover. I posted about it before here.

Mine's numbered 43/50.

Another Pulling Teeth release. This is the split with Frightener released on A389. Pretty self-explanatory.

This is another SFU release. The Adult Crash book with the 7" on black, 926 copies.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Satan Jams

I picked this up last night at this show:

This is the tour press numbered out of 59. Fun show, it got moved to CCAS in Baltimore. Every band was solid. The cover just says it all for this band.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Most Rare

Got my hands on the most rare color of The Most finally, took a little bit of time. This is the Transparent Green and Blue split with White Splatter, limited to 189 copies. The DTN collection continues to grow. This Is Hardcore is coming up this weekend so I'll have tons of new stuff to be posting after, stoked.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

MASS Straight Edge

I picked up the Alert Demo Tour Press during their tour with xEnvisionx. Only 20 of these, with what seems like a photo copy of the original cover and the writing on the dust sleeve. Youth Crew Alex posted about this release in his blog check it out here.