Saturday, January 23, 2010

2010, Really?

Ok so I haven't updated this in a while and stuff has been just piling up, so I finally got around to doing this, bare with me.

I won the Reaper Records version of the On Double Vision LP, on grey marble from Aram at React! a while back on eBay. The bidding was going on at the same time that Aram started the sale on the merch in the React! online store, so after winning I asked him to through in the ON logo crew neck with it. It goes very well with the cover. Aram also included another sweet mailer that I can add to the React! mailer collection. I can't tell you how much this label is the best label around right now. Limited to 250.

In another eBay score I picked up the rarest color of the True Colors Focus on the Light LP, on orange, limited to 150 copies. I can't wait to see these guys this spring with Mindset, bummer they're calling it quits though. I've been listening to this band a lot lately.

This is just something that I found that was a decent price and I just knew I'd want to add it to the collection, nothing super special or rare. This is the Pulling Teeth Martyr Immortal LP on gold, 3rd press I believe, limited to 666 copies. I feel like Dom needs to update the a389 site to have more info on the pressing. I'm sure he knows that though.

I heard Reaper was going to put out a fourth press of Stay Cold by T.U.I. so it was one of those things were I said I need to get on this because I know I'll regret it if I don't. So I quickly went over to the webstore and picked up the two versions. I'm disappointed with the special cover limited to 350, it just looks like a xerox copy on black vinyl. The regular color vinyl looks great though, transparent blue with lighter blue splatter, limited to 200 copies.

Ok probably the biggest score came with these DTN pick-ups. This awesome guy Graham e-mailed me back in October that he was looking to get rid of some of his collection and that he'd think I'd be a good recipient. I agreed, but with Graham being in the U.K. I needed to make better offers due to exchange rate and not to mention more for shipping. So I was motivated, but my bank account wasn't. Since we both decided I should pick up a couple to make the shipping worth while, I was spending good money on this and I just simply didn't have it working only part-time. So almost 4 months, a full-time job, and over 20 e-mails later, I finally have three in my posession.

Top left is the test press of the split with Kids Like Us. I'm not sure how limited it is, but I remember seeing somewhere that it's not as limited as you'd think for a test press. This, as far as I know means I have all 4 versions. Anybody out there know if there is another version or the pressing info on the test? To the right of that is Higher Learning on purple, finally I now have all of the versions, just missing the test. It's the most limited, with 104 copies. The bottom is my first copy of the Splitting Headache double 7" released on Speedowax in Europe. It's actually a pretty cool copy, it's the Thorp Stamp Version, #125/125. It has stuff written all over it and the Thorp stamp is all over the place too. Pretty cool touch.

Next up my buddy Bobby knew I collected The Effort records, so he hit me up to see if I was interested in his copy. If I don't have it, I'm interested, especially if I can just do it in person, big plus. So after a few times of hanging out we finally got around to the exchange. It's from the 1st press. Not totally sure if it's the solid green or the minty green. I'm guessing it's the solid green limited to 143 copies. If anyone knows for sure, please let me know.

Ok so when I found out that Deathwish was going to release The Carrier's full length on vinyl, to say I was stoked would be an understatement. I had been waiting for it for like a year. I love this band, and especially this LP. It was originally released on Rock Vegas like 2 years ago maybe? Funny little side story, was that Deathwish actually shipped me 3 copies of a Cursed 7" instead of the LP. I saw the package and I was like how did Deathwish fit it on a 7". Once I opened the package I got it. So I shot them an e-mail and the sent out my correct order the next day. Sweet label man, shipping for both things were fast and the whole correction was handled very well. I fully support this label.

This ended up fulfilling my hopes completely. The vinyl colors are good and the artwork/layout is impressive. I think the gatefold is actually probably the simplest and best suited one I've seen in a while.

The last thing is a tape, it's the demo tape from The Effort's East Coast tour that they just had. It has three demo songs from an upcoming full length. They sound pretty good, I wish I had the mp3s of this so I could listen to it on a normal basis. Tapes rule, but more so with download cards. I think this is limited to 100.