Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm Three Months Behind on this

These are all things I got about three months ago, as the picture files on my computer tell me. I've forgotten how I even got some of them. This is sad.

Here we have a copy of Harms Way's first 7" I believe. This copy on black is out of 500 copies. I believe I picked this up at the Mother of Mercy record release show.

Here are two 7"s I got along with my Sacred Love 7" pre order from Youngblood. Since I guess it took a while for Sean to get the package to me he threw in some extras for my wait. First up is the first Youngblood release, TouchXDown. This was released with Malfunction Records together. It's not a bad 7" and they're from the D.C./Richmond area. So extra cool. The bottom one is Coptic Times' Temptation. Not really in to this one, but free stuff is cool, especially Youngblood releases.

This one I also picked up at the Mother of Mercy record release. There was a box of 7"s underneath Mother of Mercy's merch table, so I looked through them and found this one. When I asked I think it was Bob Wilson how much he wanted for it, he told me just to take it. I was like "What?". He said they were JoeHardcore's, the man behind everything Philly hardcore, and he was just trying to get rid of them. So I was happy to take it off of his hands. This is Time Flies' Cant Change the Past. Time Flies was a band from Virginia from not that long ago. Youth crew with some bite. The band was good and they were from VA so I have to like them.

So this is my Sacred Love pre-order, you know only three months after I got it and probably add another month or so from when they were actually released. Sean did a great job with these. The thing looks great from the artwork, layout, vinyl and labels. Everything looks great. I actually wish there was like a White/Grey mix for this one. That woulda looked cool.

This is Fired Up's When the Lights Go Out, the final press. I was equally and maybe mostly stoked about this when I made my order from Youngblood. This is a great record and band and for some stupid reason, against all logic, I liked collecting the versions of this record. This came out really cool, very simple but a good last press. These are numbered out of 110.

So I pre ordered the Stick Together 7" from Back to Back. This came out pretty cool looking, but what was silly and apparently happened to several people that ordered all three colors of vinyl, was that they got two copies on white. Which orignally meant that you didn't get the most rare on orange. So I was instantly bummed as this seems to happen to me way too much. I sent the label an e-mail and didn't hear anything. Slowly it became evident that the white was the rarest color and instead I was given a benefit of a mistake. Soon there after I got an offer to trade a white for an orange, and instead of thinking hey I'm losing on this trade, I didn't feel like trying to sell the white and then buy the orange. So this was an easy fix.

This is a special copy of The Effort's Wear Your Heart. This is a copy given out during their summer tour in 2007. I believe all of the copies given out during this tour were gold, out of 30 copies. This one was given apparently to the guy I bought it from off of eBay. This copy is on pink, which was used for the record release. This copy as the picture shows is pretty warped. This apparently was the only copy on pink that was warped, so The Effort gave this copy to this guy with it being a special 1 out of 1 copy. So though this isn't a playable record, according to the guy I bought it from, this is a very special version of the record. Pretty cool, they wrote on a ripped out page of the bible I think, pretty cool.

This is the European Tour Version of Common Cause's Statement of Purpose. I think I won this one on eBay as well. Nice addition to the collection. Numbered on the back out of 100.

I won this along with some other records I think from a guy on eBay. This Built to Last 7" was put out by Words of War Records. It's not a bad record and they go for pretty cheap.