Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pressing Confusion

So I bought a record off ebay a little over a week ago and I've been delaying posting about it because I wasn't sure if it actually existed. When I bought my test press off Alex of Grave Mistake, I asked him if this record actually existed. He said no and that I should try and get my money back. After about a week of procrastiantion I finally sent the guy I bought it from on ebay a message. As I figured, he had no idea about this version not being a valid version. So what did he do? He e-mailed Alex, and got about the same response. So who really knows if this exists technically, either way I've got a copy of it, and that's all that matters.

This is the pink version of the Down to Nothing/On Thin Ice split, with the Posi Numbers 2005 Stamp.

Just a comparison, here are all three versions of the pink color. The furthest being the regular 1st press, the middle being the pink with the Posi Numbers fest and the closest one being the record release. The posi press and the record release are very similar in color, the 1st press version is much darker. Maybe the record release and the posi number stamped ones are the same batch? I sure don't know.

With all this said I realized I have 10 versions of this record, including the European versions, so I decided to take a picture of them all together.

This is pretty sad, but I think its awesome. On top of that I'm still missing 3 versions. As always if you've got Down to Nothing records, get in contact with me.


Mike said...

Photos for a group of records are awesome. Nice looking collection. Man, my DTN collection sucks.

Wade said...

all the more reason u should sell me some.


the "pink" version of the record is the first press ... it was 500 copies on a red/white blend ... i guess the pressing plant didn't really care about the consistency of the blend so there are varying shades from pink to a darker red ... at first i thought to separate them by shade, but opted not to. the different shades on the different cover versions are purely coincidental.