Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Weekend We'll Remember

So with all of the bands coming to the east coast for the A Time We'll Remember fest in Lemoyne, PA, there were several off-dates. The day before the fest there was a show in D.C.:

Get the Most had to drop this show and the fest, which was a bummer. Praise was added, and from what I've heard they are awesome. Still haven't seen them, I've missed them twice now. I'm sure some recordings will be done soon. Anyway Mindset and Not Sorry were awesome, and as always Coke Bust did their thing. I picked up the new 7" from Not Sorry on the two colors available.

The white is out of 100 and the red is out of 400. Notice the different color inserts for the two version. Nice touch. This is the 4 song demo plus two other songs, haven't listened to the two new ones yet. This band just joined the React! crew and I'm sure will have plenty more good things to come.

So the next day I drove up to the fest in Lemoyne and sadly, the attendance was very low. I'm guessing this is because of the fact that there just wasn't a headlining band that would attract a lot of people and the fact that Lemoyne isn't really close to any major cities. Most people were mainly there to see Mindset, who had a great set. It was a great time and lots of solid bands played, but the turn out was defiantly disappointing. What made the trip worthwhile was defiantly the records I picked up.

The first is the True Colors Perspective 7" on white and red split, limited to 425 copies. Just a solid release from probably the best band in youth crew right now. I can not wait for the spring tour to the states.

This is The Geeks What's Inside 7" on clear limited to 150 from the first press. Just a solid band I've gotten into recently that I've been looking to pick up vinyl from.

So I found another Carrier 7" I didn't have, this is the No Love Can Save Me 7" on Grey, limited to 1,000. I realized that I have a good amount of Carrier 7"s at this point.

Deathwish just announced that they'll finally be putting the LP out on vinyl, so I'll be getting that once pre-orders are up.

This is the Bad Seed/War Hungry split put out by 6131. This is the Sound and Fury version limited to 100. This still has not been released by 6131 officially, just this version is out.

I found a copy of the Get the Most Common Goals 7" on black from the first press, which I didn't have. I now have all of the regular versions of this record, the rare ones are all that are left.

Ok the best part of the fest was the things I picked up from Sean Youngblood. Totally made the drive worth while.

I got five Fired Up 7"s from Sean. First is all three versions of the latest release, Doomed to Repeat, including the Youngblood Fest version limited to 100. I also picked up two copies of When the Lights Go Out. First was the Youngblood 10 year anniversary version on green vinyl limited to 200 copies. The other is on Orange and I have no idea how limited it is. There are two stamps on the dust sleeve, however neither give me any idea about the pressing for it.

Now for the best part of this post:

Sean had copies of the Carry On It's All Our Blood LP. This is the Youngblood exclusive color, white, limited to 250. At the time the pre-orders went up I didn't have the money to pick the Youngblood version up, only the two from React!. So this was major clutch. I'm guessing this means that the pre-orders will be shipping soon. This LP looks amazing. The tri-fold insert is just amazing and everything just looks awesome. I couldn't be more impressed. If you look closely at my copy you can see a little bit of red in the top right. Obviously this makes me think there's some transition presses that eventually will go for lots of money.

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mitchard said...

Wow. Awesome weekend. So bummed I missed out.

I cant wait for the Not Sorry 7"s to get here.