Monday, October 26, 2009

Celebrated Summer Score

So I was up in Towson, MD visiting some friends and I heard about this place called Celebrated Summer. It's in the back of this comic shop, and its this little room maybe like 12 feet by 10 feet and its full of stuff. So I spent about an hour and a half going through this guys collection of vinyl. I could have easily spent over $200, but I resisted, mostly due to funds. The shop is run by this really awesome dude, Tony, who is in a band called Deep Sleep. Dude had a fantastic store, I'd say the best one I've ever been to. Tons of OOP and hard stuff to find. So the following is what I picked up.

First is the Go It Alone - Histories 7". I believe this is the first press limited to 875. This came out to promote the LP.

Next up is the Harms Way - Imprisoned 7" put out by Organized Crime. This is the most limited version, with 167 copies. This was probably the best deal for what I paid for.

This is the Prayer for Cleansing - The Tragedy 7" on blue with white splatter. I believe its the 2nd press limited to 380 copies. Very cool looking and the packaging is top notch. This is my second copy of this. Members of this band went on to form Between the Buried and Me.

I had been wanting to get a copy of this, so it was a no brainer. This is the Fired Up - When the Lights Go Out 7" on red 2nd press limited to 300 copies. I wish I coulda picked up the new 7" also put out on Youngblood. Will have to look for that in the future.

I saw the Mindset - Real Power 7" and went through each copy to make sure Tony didn't have a copy I didn't have. I found this one on White from the 1st press limited to 300 copies. Pretty nice score, especially since this is a band from Baltimore, I would have thought that this would have been snatched up already.

This in my mind was the best part of the purchase. Floorpunch - Twin Killing I believe limited to 1,700, but awesome and not easy to find none-the-less. This is the Division One Champs 7" and Goal Line Stand 7" released together on Equal Vision.

All in all, this was a really good pick-up, and hard to resist despite the fact that financially I probably shouldn't have bought anything, but whatever, I'm not in Towson often. I even had to turn down some nice Champion records, a dude had just dropped off some of his collection that day. What makes it even more easy to stomach is that I got all of these for $40 all together, yeah that's a really good deal. So if you're in the Baltimore area, head over to Celebrated Summer, it's totally worth your time.

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