Sunday, October 18, 2009

Support the Locals

So I picked up some releases at two shows in the past few weeks. First was the Troops of Tomorrow Demo from this show:

Troops opened the show, this was the first show they had the tapes. Here it is:

A decent tape and layout, not to mention a good release. If your into street punk give it a listen:
The other night I went to this show:

I had previously won a record off a friend who lives at the house the show was at, the Corpse Fortress. So I just said I'd pick it up from him at the next show at his house. Here it is:

It's one of the pre-order versions of the latest Pulling Teeth record, limited to 333 copies. There was another pre-order version on green splatter also limited to 333, making it 666 all together, nice. I thought I'd take a picture of the hologram to give you an idea of what its like if you don't own this record.

Now I've got a decent collection of PT records, still got plenty more to get my hands on.

I just realized I got both of these from Garybird, he does vocals in Troops of Tomorrow. Maybe I should sell something to him next time.

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