Thursday, October 22, 2009

First Test Press

I posted my DTN collection on the D.C.H.C. board and Alex from Grave Mistake Records asked if I collected test presses. I said of course, and yes I'd be interested in picking one up from you. So once I could afford to do so I sent Alex an e-mail and it was in the mail the next day. So here it is ladies and gentlemen, my first test press:

I'm extremely happy with it. Alex did a really cool touch by putting a plastic clear sleeve with the artwork in black as the cover for it. It came out really cool. It kinda reminds me of the plastic pieces that teachers put on overheads when I was in school back in the day.

It is numbered #15 of 24.

Once again someone contacted me about trading for my Alert tour press. Dudes must really be into them. I like the band and all, and I was happy to pick up the tour press, but there are other records I want more. So I traded away my second copy of the summer tour press to get two Get the Most 7"s.

The copy of Common Goals is from the first press, limited to 300 copies. If you look closely you can see some black streaks on the vinyl, left over from the other 700 copies on black. Makes me think there might be some transition press versions floating around.

The other 7" is my first copy of Moment in Time on black limited to 1,220 copies. Nothing special but the insert is pretty cool.

The record didn't come with a dust sleeve, I'm not sure if this is the way Crucial Response put the record out, or if it was a previous owner who took the dust sleeve out. Either way I'm a little annoyed. It makes no sense to me to not have a record in a dust sleeve.


Mike said...

Nice score with the test press. I don't actively collect them, but it is always cool when I add one to the collection.

mitchard said...

Yeah, I was annoyed when I got that from CRR without a dust sleeve. :(

Diggin the blog man. Lots of awesome stuff.

Anonymous said...

no dust sleeve for all the records