Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Van Damage

I have been waiting for about a week now for something to come in the mail and every day I come home from work and I'm let down every time. So to make me feel better about my frustration, I decided to post about something I've had for a little while now.

So my buddy got me into this band a while ago when I was first learning about REAL hardcore bands. And this band always stood out, among with others. Van Damage was a band from central PA that broke up shortly before I started to get into them. I saw the pressing of the LP they put out and I instantly ordered both copies of it from Surprise Attack Records, which it was actually on sale for like $6 an LP I think, score. This LP just makes me want to be in PA. Dan Mills, singer of Cold World is included in the list of group vocals. Both the LP and the 7" were both released by PA labels also. I won the tour version of the LP on eBay like a year ago and the dude never shipped it to me and never responded to my messages. Jerk.

I then got my hands on the two versions of the s/t 7", which is included in the LP already. This was put out by Grattitude Records.

I really like the lay out and colored vinyl on these releases, there is a general theme that comes off, just obnoxiousness. I really love the LP the most, despite it being pressed on Pirate Press.

The singer for Van Damage now is the singer for Steel Nation, another great PA band you should check out if you haven't. They've released a 7" on A389 and a split with Crucified on Double or Nothing. They just put pre-orders up for the new LP on Double or Nothing. The two songs off of it sound great. Looks like I've got another pre-order in my future.


BLeary said...

hey where did you find those 7"s I've been looking everywhere online for them, did you have to use ebay?

Wade said...

yea i got them both from ebay. im sure u could prob pick them up from someone on howsyouredge too.