Thursday, September 10, 2009

Trade and Alert

I traded my Alert tour press for The Carrier - No Love Can Save Me Sound & Fury '09 cover, on purple. Mine's numbered #5 of 51.

I'm kinda disappointed with the cover. The This Is Hardcore cover was much better.

I mentioned to my buddy Ryan about trading my Alert tour press and he said he had one in his distro. So the next show I asked him to bring his distro so I could buy one, I also bought the other two copies he had, making him have no more Alert records in his distro. So I got another copy of the tour press limited to 20 and then I also picked up the clear and black versions each limited to 200. Now I just need the Red Pre-Order. Anyone wanna trade?

1 comment:

kylec123 said...

Stoked on this trade.

Cant wait to get that 7"

thanks dawg.