Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Impatience leads to Irony

So I've been waiting a while for some packages to come in the mail, and I'm still waiting for some. That being said I was up at the University of Delaware this past weekend visiting my friend and I knew a stop at the local indie record store was a must, especially since I was so deprived of some new vinyl. So we took a trip to Rainbow and I picked up my favorite Metallica album, ...And Justice for All. It's the remastered fancy version, double LP. I didn't take a picture of it because it's pretty boring, it's on black, and it does happen to come with an insert, but not worth a picture still. So anyway on top of that I get home and the next day I get 3 packages. Ironic?

Up first was a package from the U.K. blogger sensation, Marcus of The Endless Quest... fame. Marcus saw the post I had of my Down to Nothing collection and let me know that he had an extra copy of the On Thin Ice split Release Cover from Dead and Gone Records. Of course I wanted it. So after a couple of e-mails he was a mate and sent it to me, stateside. If you're reading this Marcus, you pack your records very well, you should be proud of the job you do. It's nice to see that someone else cares enough about records to take the time out to package them well.

The record itself was also in awesome condition. Mine is numbered 4 of 50. Thanks again Marcus. Anyone else out there who's got some dtn records they wanna part with let me know.

In another addition to the collection, I scored this copy of the Hem Hem 7" on eBay. I've been after a copy of this for a while but never wanted to pay as much as what they were going for. I got this for $8.76, including shipping, so I think the wait was worth it for the deal. This is a joke 7" the band put out on Six Feet Under, and it sold out pretty fast, being limited to 270 copies. I'll gladly upload this for anyone who wants it, due to it being hard to find and being OOP.

The last package was the longly waited pre-order for the ON LP from React!. This was a relief to finally have. It was worth the wait completely. I got the standard black version and the React! exclusive white. I'm a little bummed to see that I didn't get the Blue version which is even more limited, but I did pre-order very very late in the game. I should be hitting up Aram at some point to see if I can get a copy, once I can afford it. I wanted to buy the Reaper Records color and Powered Records pressing, but once again not enough dough, eventually.....

With the ON pre-order I also picked up the 2nd press of the Mindset 7" which I will also be hitting Aram up for more copies of once I can afford it, this addiction is starting to make me a very poor person. Evan mentioned to me that they are in the process of writing and soon recording their LP, so that should be dope. I remember seeing Mindset a while ago when they played with The Effort and Hostage Calm on their tour, and I wasn't really sure what to think of them, but they weren't bad. They've really grown on me since I've seen them a few times now and listened to the 7" several times. If you haven't seen them before, I suggest you do it, they're great. They're playing A Time We'll Remember Fest and Youngblood Showcase soon.


Mike said...

I've been meaning to pick up the Deluxe pressing of And Justice For All...4 pieces of vinyl packaged in a sweet looking box...$50. I've really got to grab that before they disappear.

Down to Nothing are awesome...that Hem Hem 7 inch, however, was retarded and a waste of vinyl.

marcus said...

glad the 7" got there safely. as for the packing - well, packing securely is pretty crucial for overseas postage - i learned that lesson many years ago. enjoy!

Wade said...

mike: is it worth it for $50? hem hem is just a funny record to me, i don't take it serious at all.
marcus: def agree, but even at that the package arrived like u walked it to my door, i dont think there was any damage whatsoever.

Alternate1985 said...

Different silk screened mailer insert. Interesting. I like that one better.

Wade said...

yea i like this one better too. i think maybe the other one was for whoever got the blue copies? not really sure, it could just be random. i think aram should put up the pressing info on the mailers too, they too are like collector's items.