Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Rev Order

So I picked up the recent represses of Youth of Today's Can't Close My Eyes from Revelation. There were two colors of vinyl repressed for this repress. This is the second pressing for Revelation. They decided to use the originally artwork for this repress, which they did not use for the originally pressing of this 12" on Revelation. This was a good move on their part going back to the original. So the first color was on red, out of 443. Cool, it matches the letters on the artwork, good pick. The other color was on purple marble out of 562 copies. Now not all of copies of this version were actually purple, some were more grey and some were more blue. For a full description of the different colors or even the earlier versions of this record check out dobek's post.

As well as the YOT records I also picked up a copy of Title Fight's LP. I wasn't sure about pre-ordering this record. I downloaded it when it came out and I defintly was interested. So I knew I wanted to get a copy of it and I wasn't too worried about having a super limited copy, I just wanted a copy of it for the time being. So I picked it up from Rev. The copy on black is out of 1,400.

This thing came out really nice. The gatefold sleeve is awesome, the inside is definitely the best part of it. The dust sleeve for the record is printed and is also really cool. Overall Side One Dummy did a fantastic job.

So with my Rev order I also got another copy of Ceremony's recent LP. This is the third press on black out of 1,000. I want to get more Ceremony vinyl, hopefully I can start a collection.

So also from Rev I decided to pick up another one of the classic Rev band's releases. This is the second pressing of Judge's What It Meant Discography collection. After not picking the best vinyl color for the first pressing, the went with just the standard black and it looks great. Much better. I think this is out of 500 from what I have written down, but the massive text file online with the Revelation discography doesn't have anything specific. Anyone know?

I also got another Youth of Today record. This is a copy of Break Down the Walls. I believe this is the version with the band photo on the label from the older press out of 550. Can anyone confirm this for me?

I picked up a copy of Strike Anywhere's latest LP on pink. I'm starting to get back in to this band after many years. The copy on pink is from the first press out of 700.

I picked up two copies of the self-titled 7" from Youth of Today that was also recently repressed. I already had a copy of this on red but I decided to get another. The copy on black I believe is out of 300. The red was the special Record Store Day press out of 1,350.

I took a picture of the two different copies on red I have, there is a little bit of a difference.

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