Monday, January 16, 2012

So I've Been Buying Less

But I've still got a huge back log of stuff to post.

So I picked up this copy of On's Control 7". This is the special record release cover out of 100.

On the back of the special cover it is numbered, mine being 19 and it also has the date of the show in big print.

Included with this came a flyer of the show, pretty cool way of remembering the show. It looked like a pretty good line up.

So when the pre orders for the latest Pulling Teeth records went up I think I missed the boat, by the time I got around to looking in to it, one of the pre order versions were already gone. I believe it was on a dark green vinyl. I was able to pick up the other pre order version, on black out of 250. So the pre order press, or first press as you will consisted of those two colors each out of 250 and were the only versions as a double LP. The second press was a much larger pressing on 1 LP I think released with Deathwish. Probably 1,000 or more.

This I picked up from A389 at the same time, this is the second press of Mother of Mercy's III. This is the more common version of the press out of 404. This record is too good.

So Magrudergrind has been a local D.C. act for a while known throughout the world for their incredible grind and power violence delivery. I've always been in to this band since I heard them a few years back, but I never was in to them enough to pick up one of their records. I've seen them live a few times and every time was great. Better band live than on record, for sure. So when I first heard this s/t release I knew I had to pick it up. Recorded at the great God City Studios with Kurt Ballou, this record just packs a great punch. I took a while to finally get this one, but it was worth it.

So I heard about this band Enough not too long ago playing some great youth crew inspired jams. I knew I had to get as much as of this band as I could, so good. So picked up three copies of their When You Don't Think You Can 7". Pink is out of 85, Clear/White out of 100 and Black out of 105. The band self-released this record and they did a great job.

So I also picked up this split from A389. This is Integri-teeth, which is Pulling Teeth with Dwid from Integrity on vocals and Pale Sphincter. I don't think I've listened to this one yet, but anything PT related I want.

Again from A389 I picked up this second press of Harms Way's No Gods No Masters. This copy is on Clear Yellow with Hot Pink Splatter. This one is out of 516. Surprisingly this matches the artwork.

Also from A389 I picked up a copy of Iron Age's The Way Is Narrow. This one put out by Painkiller and on clear is out of 520, second press.

This one I think I may have picked up from eBay? It's the most common version of True Color's self-titled. This one was put out by Not Just Words, on black and out of 525.

So this is the Record Release version of Alert' Find Your Way. I think the boys from the band put this up in their Big Cartel store after the show. I picked one up immediately.

This one is numbered 32 out of 50.

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