Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday Post

So I've got some down time while I watch Home Alone, Macaulay Culkin at his best. I figured I'd write a new post.

So I decided to pick up some more Underoath vinyl after liking the new record and picking up a copy of it. So I went to Zambooie and ordered some vinyl. First we have this 10" release. This one has remixes from the recent LP. I think it also has an etched B side. I can't remember what songs are on this one.

So here is another copy of the recent LP on clear out of 400. I think this is the most rare version of the LP.

So this one version is a picture disc and features a different version of the album art, I think they called this the deluxe or special edition. It is limited to 1,000 so I don't get why this version is supposed to be the special version if there's more copies, I guess it's the cover art?

So I picked up this copy of the Minor Threat s/t 12" I think off of eBay. This one has the blue cover with $4 on the back.

So I picked up this copy of The Effort's Iconoclasm I believe off a guy selling some other Effort vinyl. I can't remember who. This one is the 'Merica 2008 cover from their tour.

This one is numbered on the back out of 50. Oh and hey I've got #1, pretty cool. Are ten versions of this LP too many? Yeah probably.

So I pre-ordered the S.O.S. record from Reaper a while back. When the pre-orders went up it was said there would be three colors of the vinyl. So I got all three. Come to find out later there was a version on gold that was not a part of the pre-order. I got a copy on black out of 200, gold out of 350 and black/gold out of 450. So I missing clear out of 1,000, I'll get it eventually. This is a pretty solid record as well. S.O.S. features current members of Trapped Under Ice, Terror & Hatebreed and a former member of Agnostic Front and Madball.

So I also pre-ordered the Remission and Police and Thieves split from Amendment Records. Both of these bands are great and after getting Winds of Promise I had to get any and everything Remission. I got three colors of this one as well, teal out of 150, grey out of 350 and black out of 500.

I picked this copy of Far From Breaking's The Identity off of eBay. This copy on blue is from the third press out of 300. Of course this one was put out by the Youngblood Records.

So this one is a bit of a unique one. Amendment had some extra copies of the clear vinyl from the second press of Remission's LP but no covers, so they took some of the extra copies from the LP's European press on Assault Records and put them on the extra copies of clear. So thus we have this unique pressing out of 100.

So along with the special copy of Remission's LP I also got a copy of Count me Out's 110. The owner of Amendment was selling some of his own personal vinyl. The copy on black is out of 990.

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