Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Updates more Often? Maybe?

I picked up the other version of New Found Glory's Don't Let Her Pull You Down. This one on clear is out of 666. I think I got it from eBay.

So Reaper Records put out a special compilation for United Blood this year. This is it. I believe all of these songs were already released, but it's still a pretty cool compilation. The compilation has Terror, Naysayer, Down to Nothing, Death Threat, Take Offense & Maximum Penalty. It has a cool booklet in the cover as well. This guy was out of 250, and though made and sold for the fest, it was put up in the Reaper webstore not too long after the fest.

So I picked up a copy of the Hatebreed/Neglect split. I don't know how many there were of these. It was put out by Jasta's own label, Stillborn.

So I picked up another copy of the Frostbite 7" put out by Dead by 23. This one I believe is the pre order silkscreen cover out of 159. This record is a pretty cool one to collect I have to say. As much as Robby Redcheeks gets criticized for putting out so many versions of records, he did a great job of it.

So I ordered a copy of the Remission Winds of Promise from the band. The reason for going to the band? They've got the band color of course, clear. This one is out of 100. They also had a tape that the band put out themselves. This tape has the songs from the Winds of Promise 7" and the Police & Thieves split 7". I'm not sure how many of these there are.

So my fellow blogger Mike noticed that I was unable to get a copy of the Youth of Today Disengage 7" from Record Store Day, so he sent me an e-mail that he had picked up an extra copy and the guy he was gonna give it to fell through, so he sent it to me. Great situation. I was stoked to be able to get this as easy as I did, after not being able to initially get it. Thanks Mike.

So I picked this one up from Tre of Deathwish on eBay. This is the Final Show/Posi Numbers version of Time Flies s/t 7". The special cover was made for the two shows and is out of 200.

So I think I picked this up from Andy Norton, but not totally sure. This is the record release version of Mindset's Real Power. This probably my favorite version of this record, the cover, vinyl cover, stamp, layout are all awesome.

It's numbered on the back out of 78.

So I picked up a copy on black of the original pressing of Iron Boot's 2004 Demo. This one was put out by the now defunct Brain Grenade Records. This is out of 500. I have no idea where I got this one, maybe from eBay.

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Anonymous said...

OG pressing of the Iron Boots demo was on Damaged records, first repress was on Brain Grenade.