Saturday, October 22, 2011

True Colors Gems

So I got a bunch of True Colors records a ways back from fellow blogger Willem. He was selling a bunch of stuff I couldn't pass up on. Plus he runs a pretty awesome blog.

So we begin with the basic black pressing of the Perspective 7". The two colors from the first pressing were black and white. They are both out of 300, so these are both common versions of the record, but still not easy to come by.

Here we have the Self-Titled 7" on white. Again this one had a pressing of white and black. The black is the most common out of 525 and the white is out of 315. The white is more rare, and this 7" in general is harder to find than Perspective. Now that we got the basic stuff out of the way let's move on to the limited stuff shall we?

Here we have the UK Tour/Record Release cover of the Self-Titled 7". This one is out of 110, odd number. Why not 100? This is a pretty awesome cover and still has some of the aspects of the regular sleeve. So I believe that means I have all of the versions of the self-titled 7" except the test.

Here we have the band's Get 'Em demo originally put out on tape. I have no idea how many of these there are. Can anyone help? I think this is the first batch of the tapes. I believe they were released by the band. This one has the white cover with the green insert. The second batch had a yellow cover with a white insert. This was also pressed on vinyl by I Drink Milk Records right before the band's last show not too long ago.

So I've saved the best for last. This is the Wide Awake rip off cover. These put together by Powered I believe as the last few copies of the 7" from the second press. The last press was on the white/red split color vinyl. I believe they made these covers on the last 30 copies of the record and put them up in their webstore for the first come, first served basis. So these sold out really fast from what I've heard. So I'm super happy to have this one.

They even paid tribute to the Schism Records logo on the back of the cover. This one is numbered 26 of 30. They used the artwork on the back on a lot of stuff for the band going forward, merch and what not. This also means I have all of the versions of this release except the test.


Mike said...

Nice! I still don't own a copy of that first 7 inch. That thing is difficult to find!

Ewald said...

No tests for the selftitled or perspective exist...

Wade said...

no kidding? they don't exist. hmmm.

Flanders Fury said...

Thanks for the word Wade! Looking out for the recievement of the last trade!