Monday, January 10, 2011


Along with the True Colors record from the last post, I picked up another rarity from Six Feet Under. This is the last copy of Adult Crash I was missing.

This is the Blue/White swirl transition out of 14. When I first took this out I thought I was ripped, it looks just like the blue version. I took the copy of blue and white both out and compared them to the transition. After a second look this defiantly looks like its more white than the blue version. It's pretty hard to tell but there is a lighter version to it, the transition is in the middle.

I think I picked up these two off of eBay. The grey is from the first press and the yellow with brown is from the second press, that's about all I can tell you. I've got all of the copies of these now.

In a recent order with Six Feet I decided to pick up a regular version of Mother of Mercy's LP. This is cream from the second press out of 100. I just pre-ordered the new LP from Bridge 9, man that label is pissing me off lately. Stupid packages to get the rarest vinyl, and they charged me like $16 for shipping. Seriously? Hopefully the new LP is as good as this one.

In a continuation of trying to have everything DTN, including compilations, I picked up two copies of the Past Present compilation. Not to mention it's a Rev compilation, it's hard to pass on them as silly as they may seem. Some good songs on this, some weird ones. DTN has a great Judge cover, they seem to be able to do them consistently well. Yellow is out of 335 and black out of 749.

Also part of my Six Feet Under order, and also a compilation, I got the American Hardcore Comp. I had been on the fence about getting this for a while. When pre-orders first went up I wanted to get them, but I decided financially and just out of how much I wanted it, I wasn't going to order them. Come a few months later when people were receiving them and posting them on the internet, it made me want one. This is the red/blue swirl, though you can't tell, it's pretty cool looking. Like everyone else has said, this came out really cool with the cover and the large booklet. This just was handled very well.

The main reason I made an order with Six Feet was I was getting in to Miles Away a little bit and Dave posted he was putting out the latest LP in the U.S. I took a look and found some cool looking rare colors, so I picked up the rarest. This is the Milky Grey Swirl out of 67.

This is another copy of Secrets of the World on clear. Pretty boring, from the first press out of 1,000, just one I had to pick up of course.

This is the Swamp Thing LP on maroon, pretty boring too, out of 500.

So as part of Black Friday several labels had sales, this begins that whole mess. I picked up this Cold World/Strength for a Reason split from Deathwish, on grey out of 300. Pretty basic, not the best split, but I of course needed to get it.

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