Monday, December 13, 2010


So I lied in my last post, there were a few more arrivals before I moved. Here is a copy of Inside Out's No Spiritual Surrender. This is the final press, as indicated by the white bar on the top of the cover. I'm not sure how many copies there were of this however, if anyone knows please let me know.

I won three Frostbite 7"s from Tre of Deathwish on eBay a ways back. The top is on grey from the second press out of 225, made exclusively for Very Distro. The middle is on blue/white mix, almost baby blue. I don't know anything about this one, so if you've got some info please share. The bottom is a pre-release cover numbered out of 299. Dead by 23, from a collectors stand point was a very cool label, lots of different things going on to make things interesting, it feels like there was never a dull release.

So when I came home for Thanksgiving this is what had piled up in my room. If only everyday was like that one.

I won this on eBay from someone. I'm really in to this band now, so I'll have to track down all of the versions I can. This, the most common is out of 400.

I was happy to get my first copy of this, Keep It Clear's s/t. Again the black is the most common out by Not Just Words out of 480.

Here we have the last copy of the DTN/OTI split that I was missing. This as the cover says is the Euro Tour '06 cover. I believe the guy or one of the guys who ran Dead and Gone Records posted on the React board that he was getting rid of some of his personal collection along with some Dead and Gone rarities. I wanted to get a lot of different things, but this was the main thing. The guy seriously hooked me up with a great price. I have 14 copies of this record, 8 of which are black.

So Dave Sausage sent out an e-mail that he was looking to make some extra money for the label so he said for people to send him offers on rarities. I sent him an offer on this and another rarity I'll get to later.

This is the True Colors Consider It Done with the Sound and Fury cover. When I first heard about these on the internet I was mad that once again there was another True Colors record that was made limited again for the people like myself to have to get a copy of. What made me more upset about this one was that True Colors didn't even play Sound and Fury. I don't know if they ever have. How do you make a special version of a record for a fest that the band isn't playing? So that was a bit annoying. Either way I'm glad I have this one. This is by far the most limited, only 50 copies.

So I won these a while back on the Bay for what I thought was a pretty good deal. The clear is out of 150 and from the second press and the red is out of 200 and from the first. Both are the two rarest of the regular pressing (special sleeves, test presses and transitions aside). I hope these guys do an LP soon, they're due.

This is the European version of Not Sorry's Moving On on blue out of 96. Salad Days did a good job on this release. I think it's awesome when it's hard to distinguish which is the better version, the U.S. or the European. I'm still bummed I didn't do the big pre-order package they had for this.

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