Monday, January 17, 2011

I'll Always be Catching Up

So here we have my React! order, this is all three versions of the Give 7" and only two copies of the Betrayed 7", I ordered three but I got two copies of white. So I'll need to pick up a copy on black, as well as a copy of Time & Pressure on black I'm still missing for the same reason. All in all this came out pretty cool, just a bummer about the no black again.

So I bid on this on eBay and ended up loosing. This was put up by Patrick of Reaper I believe, a few days after it ended Patrick sent me a second chance offer, luck was on my side. So I quickly accepted the offer, and here it is. If you haven't figured it out this it the Test of All My Sons out of 20. There was also a rejected test press that I did not win, and went for less than this. So I'll try and email Patrick and see if I can pick that one up at some point.

Pretty cool Chung King rip for the cover, defiantly quality work by Reaper as usual. Big score.

So this was a plant error. I guess 6131 ordered the second press of Backtrack's 7" and the plant accidentally printed some of Swamp Thing's 7" with Backtrack's labels, using the Swamp Thing plates instead of Backtracks. It looks like that's what happened. This is out of only 40 and there's still more of them over in their store, so pick it up while you still can.

So I picked this one up from Willem over at Records With History and Future a while ago and I have to say, I can't be happier to have this one. Not only is it the first copy I have of the self-titled 7", but it's also maybe the rarest I think. This is the pre-order cover, numbered out of 100, and I got it for a great price I think.

So this one I picked up while in Litiz, PA doing training for my job. I went to CI Records as I was ansy to do something and I wanted to find a record store. Though the store is more on the metal side of hardcore, I was able to find this Far From Breaking 7". I wasn't totally sure about this one, I knew the band was youth crew style but I couldn't remember if I had ever heard the band. The fact that it was on Youngblood swayed me to get it. I was right, this is a great band, looking forward to picking up more of their wax.

This was another record I was bummed I didn't pre order. This Chain of Strength compilation came out really well. I picked these up at this show from Mindset.

This is the rarest version on clear and the most common on black, I still need to pick up the version on green one day.

I picked these both up from eBay and for relatively cheap, I'm not a big fan of Right Idea, just trying to get a more complete React set really. Pretty awesome how they look, as you would expect from the label. One thing I will say is that I would like to see Aram vary the pressing on releases, it seems like every release is getting pretty much the same run of color variations. Now that he's putting out even more records, it just becomes like too standard.

I was glad I got this, I picked it up from The Effort's big cartel store. This is the rarest copy of the second press from Seasick, only out of 60. Another pre order I slept on.

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