Saturday, October 9, 2010

What Else, More Records

I made a hefty order from Victory when they put up the pre orders for the new Comeback Kid record. When I got a big heavy package in the mail I knew what it was. So I picked up the three colors of the new record Symptoms + Cures. Clear with black smoke out of 100, white with black smoke out of 300 and dark blue out of 600. The vinyl and artwork matches very well. Overall not a bad job with that. I actually like the artwork on this one, better than Broadcasting. The clear with black smoke is pretty cool looking too. The music however I'm not too sure about, I feel like they tried a lot of new things on this record, and though I think I remember hearing that the band said it would be similar to the older material, I don't hear it at all. I might have to say this is the worst album, but I've only given it a listen like three times. With the new record Victory put out a second press of Wake the Dead, which was pretty much the best part of the package. Wake the Dead is a great record and I would defiantly buy three more copies of it in a heartbeat. Again they had the clear with black smoke out of 100, red out of 300 and white out of 600. Not bad record colors, the red and clear smoke look the best though. I also picked up the other copy of Broadcasting I was missing, "Khaki" out of 1,058. Much more of a olive green mix but whatever. I believe this means I have all the colors now. I SERIOUSLY need to get some copies of Turn It Around.

I got a copy of Common Cause - The Power to Change off of eBay. This is the pre order press out of 180. Powered did a great job with this release. The artwork and layout are top notch. I took pictures of the tri-fold insert to show you what I mean. More labels need to put this much effort in to their releases. It makes you feel like you got something that had time and effort put in to it. It's a bummer this label is done pretty much, I should've been more on top of this label when they were active and exchange rates also weren't as bad.

Here we have another transition from the 3 song Down to Nothing self titled. I'm not sure what the actual color name is for this and I've heard different versions, like red white and blue mix and purple/black mix. either way this is the transition from that batch of the press. This doesn't seem a whole lot different from the regular version of the press, maybe some different color streaks. Here is a bunch of copies of this transition. I won this from Tre of Deathwish on eBay. If anyone wants to get me one of the five test presses of this one let me know.

This is my first copy of Gone But Not Forgotten's Demo. This was originally put out on tape I think and then React! pressed it on vinyl. This is probably the simplest looking release from React! that I've seen. The usual goodies are in it but just very simple black screen printed cover and layout. I wasn't in to this band a lot originally, but it's pretty good actually, I'm still not totally sold on the vocals. Really I just wanted to add this to the React! collection and when I went to buy a couple of lottery tickets for the recent React! lottery I figured I'd pick up some things I wanted while I was in the store. This and a Common Cause shirt were what I ended up with.

I was able to get the Mindset 2KGR8 tape. This was sold while I believe the band was on tour. It has two songs from Real Power on it and one song that eventually was on Time & Pressure. I haven't listened to it yet, but I'm guessing they're probably demo recordings.

I picked this up at a Hot Topic, sometimes they have vinyl on clearance for great prices. This is The Fall of Troy's Phantom on the Horizon. This was essentially something that was done a while back in secret and wasn't actually released until about the time their last album came out. The band is no more, but this record was pretty good. It's probably the most different thing that they did. The clear was a special Hot Topic press, out of 1,000.


Anonymous said...

the pre-order edition of the common cause LP actually came with a button pack consisting of a powered logo button and an AF rip off common cause button. and it had an A4 sized sheet of paper with a text called thanks for pre-ordering.
thought you might like to know.

Wade said...

yea it had two copies of that pre order letter, no buttons tho

TreTillDeath said...

This page always came up when I was looking for discography info on the DB23 stuff. Glad the record went to a good home.

Wade said...

yea there needs to be a db23 discography somewhere