Sunday, October 3, 2010


Nick over at Alternate 1995 posted that he was looking to sell some stuff to get something big for his Misfits collection. So I made him an offer for two ON records I was missing. Here they are. The one on the bottom is from ON's first show/record release. The green flier on the right is from that same show. The other copy was for the West Coast Tour in the Summer of '08. As you can see, both are on transparent green.

Both are stamped and numbered out of 75. Very happy to have both of these. This 7" is really good.

About the same time I got my order for the second pressing of Double Vision. This is the the American press on React!/Reaper. 400 were on clear and 600 on black. This is the first version on clear, but the first press had a black pressing as well. Apparently to tell the difference, their is a "33 rpm" on the labels on the second press. Aram also included the React! 2010 cardboard mailer for me to, nice addition.

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Alternate 1995 said...

WTF! ahahha this was you? Why the hell didn't you tell me? Damnit hahaha. Glad someone cool got it though. The single digit was tough to let go of.