Monday, October 25, 2010

Youngblood Showcase Pt. 1

I got two more zines. On the left is Where It Ends #2. I believe this is a New England zine. This issue features interviews with Jim of Champion/ON, Ned of Title Fight/Bad Seed/Disengage, Uriah of Dead End Path, members of Strife and others. Overall it's pretty good. I'm not gonna lie, it's pretty lame that it's in one of these plastic covers that I used to put papers in for school. Otherwise it's pretty cool. On the right is Thinking Cap #4, not sure what happened to #3. This one has Phil of Sacred Love featured. Not a bad issue, all of these are pretty cool simple pieces. I would like to see a full size zine from these guys at some point.

This is Rotting Out's latest 7". This is the second press out of 100. This is my first copy. This band is a bit different now that they have a different singer. I hope the next release brings it full circle so I can get back in to the band.

Here is Stay Cold from the first press. Another nice eBay pick up.

Here is the rarest Swamp Thing 7". This is from Sound and Fury '08.

Numbered out of 75.

Here we have 3 tapes. This is where we start the pick ups from Youngblood Showcase. Up top is the Noose demo. This Chicago band was just added to the React! family. They were pretty good at Youngblood, thus making me want to buy the tape. Below that is the Stick Together demo put out by Back to Back, the red is out of 400. At the bottom are my friends, the Warbound demo. There drummer just broke his hand so they are not able to play shows for a little while but they'll be picking things up soon.

I was told to pick this 7" up form a friend. Fields of Fire's The Kids Can't be Bought. I've also heard this is pretty bad so I'll have to listen to it soon.

This is Pulling Teeth's Witches Sabbath Vol. 2. It features Symptom of the Universe by Black Sabbath.

No Tolerance played Youngblood and I had been meaning to pick up their 7", so this worked out. Great band. Members of The Rival Mob and I think Step Forward, maybe some others too. New 7" on Youngblood at some point.


Mike said...

Singer for No Tolerance was the drummer for Mental, and a dozen other awesome bands.

Anonymous said...

Gah, I really wanted that Swamp Thing record. I fully intended on bidding but then got distracted. Ah well