Tuesday, April 6, 2010

So Much to Post About

The past couple of weeks I've been getting a lot of stuff in and it's been just piling up so this is the culmination of that. I'll start with what was probably the most notable thing that happened in the past few weeks, Mindset's record release.

This was probably one of the best shows I have been to, including the after show. Lots of great bands and friends. Check out the videos from the show if you haven't here. It would only make sense that I start this blog with Time & Pressure.

On the left is the yellow record release press of the new 7" limited to 100 copies. Next to that is the white out of 200 and then the red out of 400. The record release show was on a Sunday and the next day I received my pre-order from React!, how fitting. At the record release I picked up a copy of the white vinyl because I was under the impression that I had missed the opportunity to get a copy of it for the pre-order, the things went so fast and I was at work. To my surprise when I opened the package there was a red copy and a white copy, so I now have two copies on white. Anyone interested in picking it up let me know. At the record release, pretty much anyone who bought the 7" also got the Sacred Love demo and Thinking Cap #1. Also like an idiot I picked up the poster at the show that came in my pre-order so I now have two of those too for anyone who is interested.

True Colors had a special press of Focus on the Light from Six Feet Under for the tour. At first I saw this thing and was like they just glue a piece of paper to the one I already had, the one that came with the Rush of Hope pre-order. So I was instantly turned off and appalled that they would try and make me buy another copy. So after the first show, before the second show I was playing on my phone and saw Mike's post about the record and then I wanted it. Luckily for me the True Colors guys stuck around for the second show and I asked Packo if he could pull out a copy for me, which he generously did. Close call.

Here's a good picture of some friends and I during True Colors set at the show.

Also at the show I picked up two LPs from someone who I think just brought some stuff they were looking to get rid of.

On top is Blue Monday's Rewritten on purple, on the bottom is Comeback Kid's Wake the Dead on blue. Neither one is that rare or special, but both were definitely good pick ups for the price, $6 each.

Also at the show I picked up a copy of Boiling Over's Trash City on Green, second press. I've been meaning to pick this up and just never got around to it til now.

Bummer this band just played their last show, I would've liked to hear more.

One of the first things I picked up over a week ago was Forfeit's Visions with the Summer Tour sleeve. Limited to 100 Copies, mine's #100, pretty cool.

So big surprise, I pre-ordered the new Down to Nothing 7". So here are the two versions that were available for pre-order.

I believe the black and white cover is the limited version I think out of 300. No idea the pressing on the regular versions. Both on black, the packaging is not bad and overall clean, but I'm not that impressed to be honest. I was however impressed by the music, a few things I'm not a fan of but overall I was definitely feeling it. An updated collection picture is on its way.

Next I picked up two Common Cause releases.

The copy of Statement of Purpose on blue is out of 300. The Power to Change LP is the European tour version with the DJ sleeve, limited to 250 copies. I started feeling this band after Aram sent out the e-mails with the download to the React pressing of Statement of Purpose.

Here's another Down to Nothing pick up.

This is the Revelation compilation, Generations. Not only does this have an unreleased DTN song, but it has an incredibly impressive list of bands on it. These are the two versions that were released both limited to 550 copies.

After winning a couple things on eBay from a guy he gave me a second chance offer on this and I didn't pass up on it.

This is the Summer Tour version of Fired Up's When the Lights go, numbered out of 150. Glad to add this to the collection.

Another addition to a different collection is I finally got a copy of Get the Most's Core Values.

This is the most common color limited to 300 copies, I'm just happy to finally have a copy. These things don't go for cheap.

Next was another record that I was happy to finally get a copy of, add to the collection, and usually goes for a good amount.

This is ON's original release, Vital Times. This record seriously owns, so happy to have it. When I saw my man Marc over at Uncontrollable Substance post about getting a copy as an extra in a package, I immediately sent him an offer. In like two days it was in my hands, Marc is awesome and can pack a record.

In once again another addition to a collection I picked up two more copies of The Carrier's s/t 7".

The bottom is the version from Sound and Fury 08, numbered out of 75. The top one is just from the second press, limited to 102 copies. I got an offer from a guy to pick this up from him like two months ago and like an idiot I didn't check his trader feedback until after I sent my money. So with that being said I didn't expect my record to show up after seeing that I shouldn't have trusted him. So I sent him an e-mail after a few weeks saying I didn't expect him to send me the record. He said that he had and that he had another copy and would send it to me again along with some others to make up for the time, I was like "sure". So maybe two weeks later I get a package in the mail and sure enough there is The Carrier 7", to my surprise. He also threw in the two other colors form the 2nd press and an Answer 7". The dude totally made up for it and then some. However I already had the two other Carrier 7"s, dude definitely still went out of his way.

I also picked up two tapes. First is my man Bobby Egger's old band Full Nelson's promo tape for their 7".

These guys need to get back together to play a show, their 7" was solid.

Just the other day I got my copy of A Helping Hand Compilation.

This was an awesome compilation put together for Keith from Alert. Keith lost a lot of his personal belongings not to mention a house in a fire. All of the proceeds for this are going to Keith. So if you've got $3 and want a great compilation of current bands, head over here and pick one up for a good cause. Keith is an awesome dude and deserves any help he can get. This is the Pre-Order cover, numbered out of 30 copies. I'm going to pick up the regular version sometime soon. Please help Keith out.

So that's all for this massive post, and maybe my biggest one yet. I've got more stuff already to put up. It never ends.

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