Friday, April 23, 2010

Collect 'Em All

A lot of this blog consists of me continuing to get some of the same records I already own, but different variations of that same record. I'm not sure why I do this or what is my motivation behind it. I guess its almost like a way of showing how much you like a record by getting as many copies as possible. It could also just be for bragging rights, sometimes I feel like it's the latter of the two. Maybe it's just a simple novelty thing? Sometimes I realize it gets out of hand, but moments later I get excited again about it. It's odd how these things work.

Well after that intro, after a while of not really getting anything new from this band, I got two records. Cold World has been a band that just stands out to me, maybe its from seeing them in Philly a few times, or just that the band is so well liked, yet they don't play that much. Cold World to me plays a type of hardcore that is just a no-brainer. A lot of hardcore kids like hip hop and it makes me wonder how a band like this hadn't come out that actually could pull it off well. Probably because it's not easy.

This is the third and lost copy of the No Omega Compilation LP that I did not have. For anyone that doesn't know this puts all of the first 7"s on one release, and I think an extra song. To me this is the best Cold World. This LP just sort of encompasses all of it. This one is out of 104 copies.

Also keeping with my preferred Cold World releases, this is the self-titled 7" on blue. I feel like that for the most part the hype that surrounded this band has died down a bit, which is awesome because it makes for great deals on stuff I normally would've passed on. I believe this one is out of 200.

Here we have The Effort's From Our Mistakes 7" on green from the 1st press, 175 copies. Compare it to the other post I had from the first press here

I decided to place an order at React! for a few things I didn't have. I picked up the Carry On re-release of It's All Our Blood put out a while ago, I had picked up a copy on white from Sean Youngblood and I thought I had pre-ordered this and the red copy from React, but I found out later that I did not. Maybe I'll get a copy on red somewhere down the road.

I picked up a copy of The Effort #2 fanzine. This really impressed me, sometimes I feel like the quality of a zine just doesn't impress me most of the time. This thing is incredibly well done. Huge interviews, lots of topics and just tons of rad stuff. I'm looking forward to sitting down and actually reading it. I was also supposed to pick up a copy of Mindset's Time & Pressure on black, but Aram sent me it on red. Aram did however give me the other screen-printed mailer used for the Mindset 7", so that was a nice bonus.

So now I have duplicates of red and white. Aram wants me to fund his label apparently. No worries I can pick up a copy on black at a show I'm sure.

This is another copy of On's Vital Times, this time on black, out of 600. I need to get more copies of this record. It is just too good.

Here we have another copy of Swamp Thing's 7" on tan I think. Kind of hard to distinguish between tan and gold, under different light it can go either way.

I love Bracewar's first 7" and after I heard the LP I wasn't really impressed at all. About two weeks ago I was giving it another listen, and there are several tracks that are pretty good. So I thought maybe a purchase was necessary, and to my luck and fairly easily, I got the Sound and Fury version out of 100.

I decided to pick up another Wishingwell release, this is Insted's Bonds of Friendship. Probably one of the best covers I've seen, mixes the like 50s and youthcrew look really well.

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Hey dude. I have carry on IAOB on red. email me if you want.