Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Arrivals

I've gotten several records in the past 2 weeks, but here are the three more important ones I think.

First up is the recent Effort 7", From Our Mistakes, released on Hellfish. I wanted to order this for a while when they were on the Hellfish site, but never got around to it. Like every person who buys vinyl knows, that if you wait like that you usually get screwed over and they're all gone. This is an example of that. I went to the Hellfish site one day and they were gone. So I hit up eBay and found this one, for like $10 shipped. Not bad since it was technically out of press.

Probably the coolest part is the fold out screen-printed cover. There are three versions of this record I beleive, all with different artwork. Very cool. There are 225 Copies of this one.

The second is the latest New Found Glory record, Not Without A Fight released on Bridge 9 Records. This is the most limited version on red, with 500 Copies. This is what happens when I can't afford all of the possible colors, and I want to get one, I get the rareset one, planning on getting the others later if possible. The album is pretty good, for the most part a big improvement over Coming Home. The Tip of the Iceberg 7" got me really pumped about this, so in comparison to that, I was a little disappointed.

The last and coolest one was one i just picked up last night at the Pulling Teeth Release show in Baltimore. This is the Record Release version of their new record, Paranoid Delusions/Paradise Illusions. It features the hologram cover which is also on the two pre-order versions. This version is extremely limited at 50 copies, due to the hologram cover I believe. I wish I woulda had the $50 for the two pre-order versions of the record when they were put up online, because the vinyl for those two versions look amazing. Even more so then this one. Props go out to A389 Records for doing a fantastic job with this release.

Also included was this huge & awesome poster. Very Nice.

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