Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We will not go quietly in to the Night

Independence Day rules and I fully plan on watching it tomorrow.

I picked these both up from eBay. Up top is a copy of the Minor Threat s/t release, both 7"s really. This one has a green cover and green vinyl. I'm not sure the pressing on this. I think it may be a German pressing? Someone want to shed some light for me?

Below that is a split release from This Will Destroy You and Lymbyc System. I got this for This Will Destroy You and I know nothing about Lymbyc System. This Will Destroy you is a great instrumental band I had enjoyed before but I had never heard this split. This did not disappoint. I really just picked this up out of intrigue and it was a good price.

So I picked up this copy of The Effort's From Our Mistakes. I know it's from the second press but I'm not sure what version it is. I have another on yellow so I'm guessing maybe the one on yellow is the pee color and this is the snot? Anyone want to help me out. Oh yeah, I got this one from eBay too.

This is the second press of the Pulling Teeth and Shin to Shin split. I have no idea what the pressing info on this one is and Dom keeps things pretty in the dark, so who knows.

So if I'm ever in a mall and there is a Hot Topic I usually give the vinyl section a shot. Sometimes it's worth the quick glance. One time I got a Cold World LP for $6. Anyway this time as well was a glance that was worth it. I knew I wanted to pick up a copy of Underoath's latest album. I've always been partial to this band. The last release was disappointing for me. This one was different, but overall pretty good. So I picked this up as soon as I saw it. I'm happy I did, this is a special Hot Topic version on Gold out of 600. So it's pretty rare and these are selling for a decent amount on eBay.

So I made a deal on eBay for these as part of some stuff I won the bidding on and some stuff the seller had that didn't sell. This is two copies of the Insted Live recording. These are the two versions I was missing on gold and blue. The main thing I wanted was their 7" We'll Make the Difference. So this was just bonus stuff to pick up. On the bottom is a copy of Masterpieces 7" on black.

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