Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Lot of React

Here we have my React pre order from a while ago. This has to be the best pre order I've gotten from the label. All three records are awesome in every aspect. I was really excited about the Common Cause and Not Sorry records, and not as much for Remission. Remission actually has the best release from these three. Without a doubt this will be one of the best releases of the year. The Common Cause stuff is very similar to their earlier stuff, just a different taste this time around. The Not Sorry record is actually a little more different than I thought it'd be. I haven't given it enough listens to give it a good review, but at this point I think I still like the Demo the most. I'm jaded.

These are two copies of The First Step's Connection which I have no idea where I got from. I think from eBay. The red is pretty common with over 1,000 copies, but the white is out of 270. Both are from the first press. This band doesn't get enough credit.

These are the three other copies of the NFG single that I didn't have. These are not really that rare, I had the rarest. Nothing too exciting, just getting my hands on them.

This is the rarest version of the Pulling Teeth/Frightener split I think. It is out of 150 and is on clear with mixed splatter. I won this on the Bay also. Nice one to cross off the list.

I thought I'd end this post with a bunch of cool rarer stuff from one of the best labels.

So I wanted to expand my long list of React releases so I sent some offers to Aram for some rarities. This is what came as a result. First up is the record release version of Get the Most's LP released at React Showcase last year. This one is out of 133, a pretty odd number. The one below it is the special release as well from the showcase for Common Cause. This one is out of 100 and I was really looking forward to getting it because of the way the cover looks the gold vinyl looks awesome. Up top is Betrayed's 7" on black, I got two copies on white with my pre order. Underneath is Damages on black, I got the transition instead of the black copy with my pre order. Below is two copies of the GBNF demo, both rare copies. Red is out of 100 and white is out of 200. This 7" is great, I wish this band was an active band.


Mike said...

I can't get over how amazing that Remission record it. Probably in the top 3 new releases for 2011.

Wade said...

completely agree. it's def the frontrunner at this point.