Saturday, March 12, 2011

There's Nothing Blue about Saturday

Here we have two Blue Monday records I picked up I think off of eBay. On the left is a copy of War Wounds put out by For the Core Records. I think this is the pre order cover out of 50? My other copy on blue doesn't look like this at all. If anyone knows what version this is let me know.

The record on the right is a copy on black of What's Done is Done. With 1,200 copies of this it's not a treasure. This one was put out by Stab and Kill records. I believe both of these were the earlier material from the band, pre-Bridge 9. I prefer these recordings over the LP. What's Done is Done just straight rips. I'm looking to continue this collection and get as many as I can.


Joel said...

It's a tour cover /100.

Wade said...

thanks man