Thursday, March 10, 2011

Smelly Record Store

So I was running some errands around my area and I happened to notice a record store in a shopping center down the road a little bit from my apartment. I stopped in to see what it was all about. I walk in and the entire place is packed with stuff, a good sign. Now the best way I could describe this store would be if you took a record store from 1991 and put it in 2011. They had mostly CDs along with used VHS tapes. Really? How was this place in business? They even had the local smelly guy that made me come close to vomiting probably 10 times every time he passed me. After going to some punk and hardcore shows you understand that sometimes people don't shower often and smell, this was a whole different level that should only be reserved as punishment.

Whatever, I went to the vinyl row and started going through all of the bins and I ended up with these two, Michael Jackson's Thriller and Van Halen's 5150. Both are great to add to the collection and in good shape. The more monumental album is obviously Thriller, but hey you can't beat a Van Halen record either.


Mike said...

I can't hang with the Hagar VH stuff. Diamond Dave is solid gold though.

Wade said...

honestly both of them put out some great stuff. completely different styles but hagar's voice is better than dave's. dave's style though rules. i agree tho dave>hagar.