Monday, September 6, 2010

There's More

I've had a lot of down time this weekend so I thought I'd knock some more of this out. The next few are pick ups from my trip to Celebrated Summer while I was in Baltimore for the Mindset/Get the Most/ON show.

This is Iron Boot's Easy Green. I believe this is the first press on black out of 500.

Numbered on the back, Alex over at Grave Mistake does a great job with his releases, everything looks great.
Here is the 7" single from Rage's Guerrilla Radio, something I couldn't pass up on.

This is something that simply just caught my eye and seemed decent. Nice cover/vinyl match. From what I heard this is pretty standard style youth crew. The cover does it justice. Out of 900.

This is something I've been looking to pick up but never got around to. Virgin Witch's s/t. Dom from Pulling Teeth plays guitar and bass on this. It's pretty similar to Pulling Teeth, I'd say its a bit more evil and metal. Good stuff, and I mean just look at this thing.

Here is what I think is the record release version of the Sacred Love 7". I guess the Baltimore show was the record release show for this, not sure. Either way, Ev did a good job on the art as usual.

Numbered out of 50. Not totally in to this band, but I figured it would be cool to pick up. If you're interested in trading for it let me know.

Here we have two copies of the Disengage 7" that I picked up in two places, both at shows. Disengage opened the show in Baltimore and it was pretty impressive, I knew I was interested in the band, but they sold me after that. If you don't already know, this features members of Cold World, Title Fight and Bad Seed. You should check 'em out.

More to come...


TreTillDeath said...

I got one of those Pushed Too Far 7"s up on the ebay chopping block. How much did that cost you, if you don't mind me asking...

Wade said...

i think like $2, pretty much why i bought it. looked decent and good price.