Friday, September 10, 2010

Keeping It Going

Here is Pulling Teeth's Witches Sabbath IV. Its got a cover of The Ramones' Teenage Lobotomy. Just happy to have one of these.

I got another version of the Swamp Thing 7". This is on black out of 300.

This is The Effort's From Our Mistakes on clear. It's the cloud variant I believe out of 200.

This is US Tour version of Perspective. Numbered out of 75. Only missing the Wide Awake cover and a black one.

I picked up the copy of It's All Our Blood I was missing. The red was the React! exclusive color. Nice to have them all now.

This is Insted Live at CBGB put out by Livewire. Clear is out of 300. Another cheap pick up from Celebrated Summer.

This is the last copy of Martyr Immortal I was missing, and also the most rare out of 150.

I made an order from the Half the Battle guys. I picked up the three colors of the LP and four copies of the Youth Crew 10 compilation. The singer apparently lives in Arlington, so I think he drove it to my house or something, there wasn't a postage label on it or anything. I can see why people like what Seb is doing at JAD, the packaging for this LP is quality.

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Anonymous said...

it's good to see Half The Battle LP here. i was looking for the pre-oder version w/ different artwork on green vinyl. also i have the black vinyl.