Sunday, June 7, 2009

Not a Bad Weekend

I saw Mindset last night at the Coke Bust Record Release show, they were added last minute. I knew about them before hand and figured I'd pick up the 7", but the great performance also helped persuade me. They've got Youth Crew down like they were born to do it. React, if you haven't heard, is a label you should be checking out. So much effort is put into these releases. This one alone has an insert that could be a another cover, a letter, a download card and a sticker. This is the 1st press, limited to 500 copies on black.

The next day after the show, I did my man Bobby Egger of Headcount Records a favor and drove him up to College Park, to start his epic quest that eventually would take him to Europe for Seasick's European Tour. What else would he return the favor in, but by giving me some records. Hey I didn't mind, I also got Ledo's Pizza out of the drive. Anyway the first one was the Braindead/Blackbirds split on grey, put out by Burn Bridges Records. Braindead are a great band from the Philly area.

The next one is Naysayer's new 7" on Reaper Records. This is the crazy Clear version with a 4 different color splatter. I couldn't really get into this band with the demo, but this 7" is pretty good.

Lastly, it only makes sense that Bobby left me with the Seasick LP before leaving for their tour. This is a one-sided LP with the one side laser-etched, released on Soul Rebel Records. This is a pretty cool etching on the one side, check out the second picture.

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