Monday, August 1, 2011

Why not be behind the times?

Here we have the two other copies of DTN's latest 7" of the Australian Press. Black and red are both out of 200. I originally complained about the price and shipping for these. I spoke to the guy who runs the label and I was mistaken. He had these pressed in the U.S. and shipped to Australia. So do the math, shipping to and from Australia is enough for a handful of records, imagine 500. He told me he did it as a favor to the band and is not making anything on it. Considering these factors, it came out pretty well.

I picked up the two other versions of the No Turning Back 7"s I have. Up top you've got the s/t one put out by Reflections Records. I think the Blue and Black split is out of 400. On the bottom we've got the Rise from the Ashes 7" put out by Not Just Words Records. The Orange version is out 270. I got both of these off eBay for pretty cheap, like three years after I had the others. Patience is a virtue.

Here we have the rarer version of Blue Monday's What's Done is Done on red. This was the press for Posi Numbers Fest 04. There's 100 of these out there, so a nice addition. I think I got this one from eBay.

I picked up my second copy of Alpha & Omega's 7". This one on clear is out of 400 from the second press.

I picked up four copies of Hatebreed's first LP Satisfaction is the Death of Desire put out by the once great Victory Records. So the one on the top and left side are obviously purple and yellow but the other two I'm not sure. I'm pretty sure one of them is green. and the other is maybe a dark purple. The pressing is a bit confusing and I have no idea what they are limited to other than the one on yellow out of 665 and supposedly the fifth press. Anyone know where I can get information on this? Like a Victory pressing list similar to the big Rev txt document online.

So I decided to pick up more copies of Blacklisted's first LP. I had a few copies of this in the past but I got rid of them. So this is me trying to pick them back up. The one in the middle on red was broken by my fiance, so forget that that one is there, no worries she compensated me for it. Anyway the purple marble on top was put out by Deathwish and is out of 200. The one on the bottom is clear purple put out by Reflections Records and out of 250.

I finally picked this one up. I love this record and I've been trying to get this one for a while. When Cruel Hand's Bridge 9 debut came out I didn't get on the pre order fast enough and missed out on the rarest copy on black. This thing is awesome from the music, layout, vinyl, everything. Black is out of 200.

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geoff said...

theres an old pdf floating around that had the pressing info on it. the last one i had was from 2005 and heres the pressing info:

1st press
blue 510

2nd press
red 506
white 509

clear 510

pink 210
green 660
purple 665

im not sure how accurate the info is, ive heard from several trusted record nerds that pressing info they released wasnt correct all the time.