Monday, July 5, 2010

A Show and some Label Orders

I forgot to post about this with the copies of the True Colors demo. This is a tape release of Envision from Novia Scotia. I'm pretty sure it's the discography. It's a pretty cool looking tape, I Drink Milk puts out the best looking tapes that I've seen.

I picked up a few things from the SFU distro at this show.

This is the latest Harms Way 7". Pretty awesome artwork and the vinyl ain't bad either.

I picked up my first copy of this split, took me a while.

I've been meaning to get a copy of this after hearing these guys at ATWR. Pretty awesome band from Chicago I believe. Check em out if you haven't.

This is the SFU showcase version of the new Rival Mob 7". Pretty cool release and luckily I got a copy. This band is currently high on the hype meter.

Here we have the copy of the Floorpunch discography I was missing.

This is my Ceremony pre-order. Since there was a error in my order and I got it late, they decided to give me the rarest color, red. I had no idea my order was even late, so cool. The 7" is the 2nd press. This is a different record, but I still like it.

Here we have the 7" pre-release of the new Cruel Hand LP. I'm really starting to get tired of these 7" pre-releases, this might be my last one.

This is an order from Reaper. The latest Down to Nothing 7" 2nd press and 2nd press of the TUI LP.

I got my big React! pre-order.

Since the Damages 7" was delayed, Aram threw in some rarities for everyone who pre-ordered it. I got a transition of the Damages 7". I would have liked to have gotten a different rarity, as I'm not in to Damages much, but it's still a cool appreciation thing on Aram's part. Hopefully someone will want this and I can trade/sell it.

I was really impressed with the Get the Most LP. Everything came out really well. The insert is just awesome and the cover/vinyl are really clean and straight-forward.

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