Thursday, July 16, 2009

Victory's Non-Victorious Vinyl

So I read on Between the Buried and Me's myspace blog that Victory had released Alaska on vinyl. I thought to myself, finally. So I quickly went over to the Victory site to see what they had to offer, like any other record collector does. So I saw that Victory had the classic album in White with a limited pressing of 200. I knew that if I didn't get a copy while I had the chance, I'd kick myself, so I placed an order. While at the Victory webstore I also realized that maybe I should pick up another copy of the latest Comeback Kid record that I do not have. So I looked again for the rarest and found the Black and Copper almost swirl like vinyl, which is also limited with only 212 copies. So all in all not a bad pick-up. I wish Victory as a label didn't suck, that would make me feel better about purchasing vinyl from them. On top of all that the packaging for the records just leaves so much to be desired. I mean like the covers are just pathetic and there's nothing special about any of the packaging. I guess I should expect it however.

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